Sunday, December 8, 2013

In love with Lucifer


Have you ever been in love with the devil? Even if he looks just like a normal boy with the face of an angel, we all know when the devil has taken control over our lives. "In love with Lucifer" is a horror romance story I'm writing on a website called I want to make a summary of the story here, because this is very important for me.
The main characters are Helen Whitakers, Lucifer(how could he not be here?) and Melissa Oakley - Helen's friend. That's until now. In the future I may add some more.

First of all, here's the link to the story if you want to read it: In love with Lucifer (it will open in a new window). If you are using mobile here's the code for the story on wattpad: 24883614 (here's the link to the mobile version of the website: ). My username on wattpad is: MixSalvatore (I have some stories in Romanian if you are interested).

Helen is a highschool girl who never fell in love. She likes boys, but just not enough. One day she dreams of a handsome man that rescues her. When she looks at his face she discovers he is as beautiful as evil one can be. She's not sure if he's an angel or a demon, but he tells her he is her angel actually. She doesn't want to believe, but when she wakes up from this dream she is confused and starts searching information about the devil. Soon they will meet again, in reality this time. He says he is trying to save her (at a party), but in her mind only damage has been done. 

Melissa has been her best friend for a few years and she is not aware of Helen's encounters with the supernatural. For her, life is simple and dramatic only in the thoughts of boys, highschool and family. Other secrets will lie in her closet too, but more on that later.

Helen's family is not an ordinary family. They also have a lot to hide. Her father will give her a clue on the things, but that raises just more questions than answers in Helen's mind. Lucifer wants her, she claims she hates him and for some time her life is going in the difficult ways because of her connections with the devil. She will find out about a group "The Fallen" who want revenge against Lucifer, and of course, against her. 

She is Helen in my vision.

This story takes place on Earth, Hell, Heaven and a supposed Paradise. You will find out more on the on-going chapters. I am currently at Chapter 4: Insidious Places . If you want to be updated with the new chapters that are coming you can follow me on twitter: @blachshadowangel. 

Monday, October 28, 2013


Today is the day you are living right now. No matter where you are. Under the night stars, under the sun, under your cold room with your sorrow, or above the skies dreaming about your loved ones this is the present and you have to remember it every time if you want to live the moment.

Today is good and today is bad. Today I have everything and I might lose some things, or maybe I lost them a long time ago, but that doesn't matter anymore. Today I have been given another chance and I'm going to take it. It's my right to live now. It's your right to change what do you believe that expects you.

The decisions I know there are a lot. And it's hard to go one road when you know you can't go back, but that's life. And maybe, just maybe, at some turning point you can go back. But no. The past is a trap that wants you to live with the same mistakes. I make not make much sense to you right now, but one day, if not today, you will understand... I will understand. 

There were two times I talked about today. Once it happened when I felt free and I knew I could go on wherever I wanted. It was time to take another decision. And some time later I did. And it was the good decision. And the second time, it's today and maybe the only time because this is the present. I'm not sure if I want to be free again or if I don't feel it, but I know I don't want to miss things. I don't want to be that person who regrets not doing what I want.

Maybe, in another life, our lives would've been different. But we are here now and we should this life so we can discover later the others. Thank you, Universe, for today!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Words are beyond


You know when you have that feeling that you have to do something really big. When the moment calls you and only you. I may confuse you right now, but you have to admit there are so many great moments there when words are beyond understanding. They are so unnecessary that by talking you are ruining your own dream. 

It happens sometimes to find happiness. And it happens then to find difficulty. But "in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" (Albert Einstein); I know he's a physician and mathematician and you probably hate both subjects, but he was right. When you are alone and sad you wake up in the morning you never expected and receive a big opportunity. There are various situations which differ and I'm sure most of you say I'm not right, but someday you will see what I see almost everyday: light besides the shadows.

Words are necessary though and when discovering a person they are beyond everything else. Sometimes one word explains it all: the love, the pain, the suffering, the rain, the sun, the happiness, the lies, the truth, the sacrifices, the cowardliness... And I put your words before everything else. It's a difficult task, but I suppose you are ready for it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Come back

Writing has been all I had since the moment I grew up enough to know the world that I was living in. I have abandoned this blog, not because I hadn't visitors, but because I never felt the connection with them. What has made me come back is actually a dream, a dream I had a long time ago and I want to live it, finally.

Some time will pass until I will accomplish my dream, but I will because I have put all my thoughts into it and I'm going to continue to do so.

Blogs are personal, and here you are going to find advice, sadness, happiness and the thoughts that I wanted to share with the world. I started this thinking I could make the world a better place, but then I let darker emotions drag me out from my previous goal. I will take care of this blog and whomever is reading and has come back to see the news: welcome back. 

This time I promise I will not leave for so many months because I have a lot on my mind to share with you and I will continue to do so.