Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Darkness within

I think I discovered darkness. It has no face, but desire. It has no language at all, it's all in the deepest of your heart. It's no use to say "no", it's no use to say "yes" it simply stands there before you and it has no conscience. 

Darkness has no color, no end, no beginning. It doesn't embrace you, though. You embrace it with all your soul. You can chose this path, you can fool yourself it's not you who's deciding, but then, wouldn't you be a little childish? If it's not you who's making decision. who is then? Don't tell me it's God nor the Devil. Don't tell me it's your friend.

This darkness brings happiness and it fills your heart. I'm sure anyone experienced this at least one time in their lives. I guess it took me long enough to realize it's about dark, it took me long to figure it out I was the one who made the choices. It's like I would listen to my dark angel, not the one sent by God. And I want to let you know he doesn't want me to fail, he wants to see me up high with my dreams fulfilled. You may say I'm crazy, you may say I'm a satanist, but you know it's not true. You've experienced this before, even if not at the same intensity.

As I was saying, I discovered darkness, but I don't wish people to suffer. At least not all the people :) 

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wanting the impossible

It's not about love, it's not about envy, not even about hatred, it's all just about wanting one cannot have, the impossible. It attracts you to the dark side, to doing immoral things, who knows...

You find yourself today saying that you have everything you want, but still, you want more. You're curious why? First, because it's exciting, second because it's challenging, and third because, well, you don't have something and wouldn't be such a bad idea to have it. 

The impossible wants you to have it so badly, why refuse the opportunity, the fight of having it all, of reaching perfection? But we both know that there is no such thing as perfection. Want to seek for it? Be my guest, but do not say you were not warned that it's an interminable road with no destination. Has anyone achieved the perfect life? If so, I'd like to know that story.

Dreams... what are dreams for? They help you set goals, but after you achieved those, you will dream more. And those dreams are deceiving, they make you believe you have to fight for them, but if you do, you'll lose it all. Let me give you an example so you can understand better what I'm saying. Let's say you have a successful career. You're an architect, but you've discovered recently that writing is one of your hidden talents. You start writing novels and give up your current job. No one acclaims you for your work pieces because there are a lot of people who write books and the society doesn't need you on this domain. You've just lost your perfect job because of a new dream, new desire. You need to separate these categories of dreams. 

It's your choice in the end, your risk, but time and life do not forgive.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Life = a masquerade

Hi guys. I'm sorry I haven't been writing in a while, but I've been busy with school. Today I remembered something very important about the people. They always want to seem something they aren't. It's not they're not good persons, or they don't have enough talents, but they just need something else. Sometimes I wonder why, and sometimes the answers.

Welcome to  the masquerade. Here you will find impressive costumes and beautiful masks, insidious creatures, angels, but who are they? Their names fade away with the night. That happens with those who are not real, who only want to be acclaimed for something, it doesn't matter what, just being in the center of the attention gives them satisfaction.

Please, enter this room; here you'll find incredible lies to build up your perfect life, here you'll find advice on how to kill feelings, but what you're actually going to do is to destroy the very last drop of truth in your eyes. Why? Why is it you who isn't pleased with life? How much the satisfaction lasts? An hour? A day? A week? How much do you have to suffer to get on moving with your false hobbies, broken dreams and naive personalities? And even when you say "thank you", is that a real "thank you"? Did you mean it? Or you'll just stab me in the back when I turn around. 

Is this costume of a warrior helping you hide your cowardliness? Is this you? Can you recognize yourself in the mirror? All dressed up, speaking some strange words that don't define you, talking to high class people and making your real friends losers? Who are you? Still remember that?

Welcome to the Masquerade...

Monday, October 31, 2011


Of course I had to write something about this day. In my country is not celebrated and I'm sorry for that, because I think it's a way to escape routine.

A part of October and a part of November represent the month Heshvan in the Jewish calendar which has no religious holiday. It's the only month in the whole year with no religious holiday. Halloween is considered something dark, spooky and some say it's unorthodox, but I see it as a party, something fun, a way to do something different.

It is said that today it's the best day for communicating with spirits. The line that separates the living from the dead is very thin. I don't intend bringing some army of the dead, or zombies, I'm just curious about the unseen and unknown. I know, you're going to say that curiosity killed the cat, but the cat was curious about the dog, and well dogs hate cats in general, so the dog killed the cat, but we're not interested in that. I wonder what ghosts do in this very special day. Do they try to communicate with us? Can they have more power than usual? I guess there's not an official answer to that, but somewhere, someone knows these things. 

I'm sorry that I won't do anything special this Halloween, maybe watching a few horror movies, eating chocolate and making some spooky pictures. But I believe that in some part of this world, it doesn't matter where, if it's official or not, something really exciting will happen. Maybe people will see a ghost, maybe destinies will change and I'll wait to find out the mystery.

I'm not superstitious, I'm not a satanist, I'm christian and I believe in the supernatural. This world is huge and so complex, so it's not possible to have just normal things happening around it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The ugly truth

I'll tell you a story that I've written. Not all of it of course. There were once two vampires and they were seeking for love. Each one found a girl. The girls were not perfect, but they got along with mistakes, with joy until one day. The second vampire finds out that his love was cheating on him. She had a lover that was her actual boyfriend that lived abroad. He gets mad and kills them both. That's not called love. The first vampire thinks he's in love and gets killed by the girl that he once helped.

What I want to point out is that they didn't love each other. Their love was just casual dates with some feelings, but nothing special, nothing to last. I wanted to create a love story, but I couldn't because their relationships were too simple. I needed complicated stories and fights for this "true love" that they were so madly seeking. Later, they discover a lot of interesting things about life and that's why the story goes on. And I always keep their love life at a miserable level, so they'll never get boring.

Let me give you an example, so you would understand better. In Vampire Diaries most fans love Damon and Elena's story, but if Damon was Stefan, they would've died to see Stefan and Elena. We like to have things we can't. We say we like simple things, but we love to stay awake at night and think about our stupid complicated lives. We need to be entertained or we lose the interest. As long as Damon and Elena won't be together they'll remain the main subject, but now that Stefan can't be with Elena too, fans are changing sides, because let's face it we love the bad Stefan. 

So the ugly truth is that we can't be happy just by feeling it. We need action and drama.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ian Joseph Somerhalder

Here are some pictures and information about Ian Somerhalder.

Born in December 8 1978(currently 32 years old)
Best production: Vampire Diaries
Other productions: Lost, How to make love to a woman, The Tournament, Fireball, Pulse, Lost City Raiders.
He's 1,77, blue eyes, dark hair.
One of the movies that I have been impressed: Pulse.
And has an appearance in Smallville as Adam Knight in 2004 for 6 episodes (not a big role, but I'm also in love with Smallville.

I know there're a lot of sites with information about Ian, but I'm a little obsessed here. I will also share a few pictures modified by me with you guys. 

Why do I like him: he doesn't show his age, he's handsome, he's charismatic, he's a good actor and he has a big heart (he loves animals) and has his own foundation named Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

TVD S03E01

As you know I'm obsessed with Vampire Diaries. I have some screenshots from season 3, the first episode. They don't have high quality because I haven't got the blue ray version of the episode yet, but it's something anyway. Enjoy.

Secret love

If such thing would exist, would you cherish it? Would you fight to protect your secret love?

You find yourself walking alone on a road. You don't know where you're going but you keep walking. The sky is cloudy and you keep your look down. You pray to god for a sign and a few minutes later it begins to rain.You don't understand what this means. Should you go on to this lonely road or should you do something different?

You keep walking in the rain when she comes, the girl of your dreams. She changes everything. She brings back the sun, she gives your world color, and she makes you have a purpose. You want to be with her, you wish to be happy. You keep hidden this love, because you're afraid it will fall apart. You would write a novel about happiness now and there's nothing in this world you can't achieve. The world is yours.

You live a beautiful love story for some time. But then, you wake up one day and the sky is cloudy again. You don't understand why. You ask an angel because now you can talk to them. The angel tells you that the magic has faded away. "Why?", "Because things can be the same all the time. Eventually someone gets bored or the mechanism simply stops working." The angel responded.

You watch silently as she goes away. The world starts falling apart again.You wake up to reality and you realize there's only one thing you forgot to appreciate in life: yourself. You tried to find everything in someone else and all this time all you had to do was look at yourself and then  A new chapter begins... and you still can't understand: what does it matter after all?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer ended...

This summer things have changed. I learned that ghosts exists and that "forever" is a difficult promise to keep. Tomorrow school starts for me and I just want to sleep.

I discovered that my friends who needed help now they have helped themselves. Everything is fine for everyone and maybe the same. But not for me. You'll say that I'm the one who needs help, but trust me I can handle it, whatever it is, what I really need is sleep, lots of hours of sleep. I usually don't write things like this on my blog, but I got the feeling that I should.

Maybe you think I'm depressed because school starts, but it's much more than that. No, it has no connection with the ghosts that I heard... or saw or whatever. I think all this changes are coming from inside me, from my young heart that wants to fly. Last summer I flew, this summer I grew up. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hatred and Despair

Lie to me, lie because you know I know, but you want to forget. Drag me to hell, but refuse to say where we are going. Oh, where are we going? In my hell today, in yours tomorrow. In my mind you are a cockroach and I squash you a million times.

Lie to yourself because you can't stand reality, your sins are not so evil, but your mind has mysterious intentions, you wanna kill, kill, kill! And I want the same, you see we are made for each other, but, yet, we pretend to be angels with our sweet black&blue puppy eyes.

And I want you to scream my name in terror, like a suffering soul covered in a bloody scenario. And you want to rip the life out of me. You find yourself in these words and you don't want to admit it, and yet you wonder how is it possible that I know every thought of yours, every move, every desire. 

Hatred is such a beautiful feeling, you embrace it every night and you hold it tight like you love it, and you lie awake filled with a warm smile on a bloody carpet. You love this feeling. Such contradictions are in your mind and you want more and more hatred. You would do anything to have it in your hands to make shapes of it. We know the face of death, we know what's in hell or in heaven, but you wanna know the face of hatred. Maybe you are that face. Now you're laughing in terror knowing that I found your secret.

You devour hell. Why isn't it enough for you?

These problems... these people...

"I wake up to see the morning light, oh, but there is no light. It's just an empty space filled with dust in the wind. I get up from bed and I look at the mirror. What a sad look on my face. I am beautiful, I know I am, I have no disabilities but yet I feel sad, alone and unprotected." - These are feelings of depression. These are the feelings that a person who's suffering on the inside from different reasons says such things. How can I help him or her?

I tried to say that everything has an ending and a better start, but does it really matter? No, I'm just talking in vain, I'm just helping helpless people. They say they want to be saved, but they want to fall deeper and deeper. I'm not saying you don't have a real problem, or real problems, but if you want advice you have to be prepared to fight, prepared to change things into better if you really want to go on.

I don't understand why say you want to fight when you actually want to devour all the sins in the world? When you want to die, to make people suffer, to make you suffer? Why say you're a fighter? You wanna scream your problems but you don't want to solve them. You want to just be proud to have those problems. Love it. Embrace it! Why don't you put an end to it I have no idea!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The last visit...

Ok, I have been again at that house. I know for sure there is something, I found out the story from someone. It's a horror story of course... and the house not only that's haunted but I found out that's cursed too. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want anymore.

It didn't happen something bad... just one thing that shocked us all. The front porch was open. It had a lock that was unlocked and no one came or left from there... and after we visited the house, some time later, after I also left my cousin's house the door was again locked.

It wanted us to go there. It didn't want us to jump the fence... we were their guests and they treated us well. I'm not disappointed in anything I did, but these are the last words. I'm not ever writing about that house. Its somebody else's story there and I don't have the right to tell like it would be my story. My only story is that I have been to a haunted house, and it was fun, scary and again fun, but where things get complicated I better back off. I'm leaving things like this. They deserve their privacy and I deserve mine. 

I wanted to share my experience... now it's over. Forever, or, until next year when I'll visit my cousin again *evil laugh*.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have been again...

This house it really calls me.I returned to my cousin and I visited the house again. I couldn't sustain myself. I think me and a friend are the only ones who the phantom calls so desperately. My cousin entered just for a few seconds in the house. Well, actually in the yard because the house it's locked.

So skipping to the events.I just saw a shadow, a light gray shadow passing in my left side when I was taking pictures of a window.I don't know if it was my imagination, but I guess it wasn't because I just feel it was something. It's hard to explain why.Maybe I believe and I know I'm not crazy. I know because I wasn't the only one who knows there is something.

My friend saw a girl beside a window dressed in white with her white hair and he saw it twice.It is said that rarely two people see the same thing at the same time, so even if I didn't saw it I believe him. He was really scared. Last time he acted cool until he went there alone and saw a crying woman looking at him. From that moment he became more scared even than I was ever.

Earlier I said I took pictures... well, they're not very clear because it was almost dark, and I didn't had a professional camera, not even one with a led flash. I took them with my LG Cookie. Stupid phone. But we weren't talking about that. Maybe we are crazy and we saw things that aren't there.Here is the picture... And if you don't see it, in the second I've marked the spot...

You'll have to see full size. Hint: On the middle  window which I want to say it's  actually a replacement with wood.

I've modified the contrast maybe you can see it better...

I was wearing a cross and it was still day and I said "What if doesn't appear anything else if I'm wearing this?" and I took it off... I don't know if that was me thinking or it was something more. When I got home I saw that my necklace was tangled. It took me a lot of time to get it back to normal. It had two knots. We also heard noises from a building where my friend saw the girl. They were like someone was in the house and was doing something. I don't know how to explain. They were like lousy cracks, they were like two, and later on we heard another noise which was coming from the well. Oh, and some months ago the well hadn't water and now it had. We also heard noises from the attic. I say maybe they were mice but my friend is sure they weren't. I don't know what to believe, but there is definitely something! 

When we had to leave we had to pass by a window in which my friend saw the woman when he was alone. He suddenly became very scared and he said he didn't want to jump the fence from there, but I tried to convince him it's ok. When we got closer to the window he made a few steps backward and he was very scared. I said "Come on, nothing is going to happen. God will protect us." As soon as I said the word "god" he started moving forward. I had the courage to look at that window.and I didn't saw anything. I couldn't take a good look but it was nothing so far.

I wasn't as scared as I was the first time when I saw or heard something from the house, but I don't know why I wanted more. I still do.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A ghost story... or not just a story...

I have something in my mind. I never thought they exist... I never thought that haunted houses are for real... I never believed until I saw it. I saw them... You can choose to believe me, you can choose to believe is just another ghost story invented by some blogger with imagination... whatever you choose you don't need to find out the truth if you can't handle it. It's hard... trust me.

The story begins on a average day when me and my cousin wanted to see some ghosts. Actually we always wanted to see them but we never believed. I'm not afraid of the dark, I don't believe in supernatural even though all my stories are about supernatural... We heard from our friends about a house that's haunted. The house it is for selling over 2 years... and it has something strange, the air... the rooms... the shoes left at every entrance... And we went there at 7pm and we stayed an hour and we waited. It was still day and nothing appeared. We made our friends liars... and we went home.

But then another day... we wanted to go there again. It was calling us. It is always calling us. 4 ghosts... and the four of us.... It was like 8 pm when everything started. I want you to know there are many buildings... I was with a friend at the main rooms and we where like in the back or something... And there was another door, of course locked (not everything is locked although... but we couldn't enter in the main house anyway) and I approached... I heard a sound like the wind... but it wasn't wind... I heard like a man was I don't know... what he was saying and it was right beside me. I didn't run, I didn't scream. The sound lasted a few seconds and then silence again. I asked my friend "Did you hear that??" and he said "Yes. I heard it." The rest of us were out of the house on a fence.

One of them called me... and I didn't hear it. So I call my cousin to see what happened. I try twice and it says that she is not available and once it doesn't say anything the call just ends. I thought her battery was dead but then I find out that her phone was working perfectly.... I was scared from what I heard and I went for a walk with one of my friends. We waited until it was dark and we entered again... And we saw things I don't want to tell you because they may have been reflections from lights... only there were faces... a girl, her mother, her father.. and someone else... someone we don't remember but we do know that he is a man... We were scared we were terrified... but we didn't leave it was calling for us and it wanted more and more and we wanted more too. Or maybe they wanted us to want more... I don't want to know. 

The moon was on the sky... it wasn't a full moon but its light was pleasant. We were staying on some stairs and in front of us was another building with like 2 rooms. And the door suddenly seemed open. My cousin told me to look from a different angle and the light of the moon was entering in the dark room like the door was for real open a little. I got amazed and we didn't scream. We didn't run but we didn't dare to look closer... to go there to see if it really was open.

The other noises that we heard I won't describe them because they just mean that there is something... well... someone. At 10pm we went home. It was enough. Actually it wasn't but I was staying at my cousin home and we had to go back. On the road we talked about the haunted house and we realized something. I did. I remembered again the light of the moon on the door... but there was a little problem. The moon was behind the house and that light couldn't have been from the moon. It was impossible. And I remember I said it so natural "It's nothing. It's just the light of the moon." And it seemed so natural... until I realized where was the moon actually. 

It still calls us... someway or another.

Friday, July 29, 2011

TVD - Chapter 3 - Part 2

“Let’s go, Elena. Not because my brother says so, but because there’s nothing we can do about him.”
“Stefan…” She whispered.
Elena cried and cried when they got in the car and they headed back for Mystic Falls. Bonnie had called her, but she couldn’t speak with her, so Damon had to explain.
“She’s not crying because of me, Bonnie.”
“Then because of whom?”
“Stefan. He’s changed. And you can hear his change from here.” He meant Elena’s tears.
“Damon, can you help her somehow?”
“We can return faster home. But I don’t think she’ll let me comfort her somehow. Because she doesn’t see anyone right now apart from Stefan.”
“I should’ve been there for her.” Bonnie said.
“It’s better that you aren’t. Trust me. You don’t want to see her like this.”
“Damon I think she should sleep for a while.”
“Yeah. Tell me about it.”
“No, I mean, put her on the phone and maybe I can cast a little spell to calm her down.”
“Ok. Elena, Bonnie wants to say something.”
Bonnie whispered some Latin words and there was her friend, she stopped crying, she fell asleep in Damon’s car.
“Elena, you look so beautiful when you’re sleeping. Actually, you always look so beautiful.” Damon told her. “Why did I help you at all to find Stefan? I should’ve known that you’d go after him, and you’ll get hurt because he is not anymore the Stefan you knew. But anyway, you’d go after him even if you had to go alone. I guess that’s why I came along. So that you wouldn’t be alone. I love you, Elena.”
In the next morning they arrived home and Elena woke up.
“Where are we?”
“In Mystic Falls. Bonnie is here to pick you up.”
“I left my car at your house, Damon. I don’t need to be picked up. I can drive myself.”
“You can’t Elena.” Bonnie said.
“I want to go alone.”
“Why are you trying to be strong? Why do you put these barriers around you?” Damon asked.
“I had a good teacher, didn’t I?”
“You can’t be blame me for this.”
“She’s hurt Damon. And you’re the brother of who hurt Elena.” Bonnie said.
“Yeah, I know, I’m always the other one.” Damon smiled, but Elena could see he was hurt. What she had done? Why was she so selfish? She though only about her feelings and Damon’s been there for here. Always. He’d even give his life for her.
“I’m sorry Damon. I’ll go with Bonnie.” She said at last and went forward to the car.
“That was strange.” Bonnie said.
“I know.” Damon replied surprised at what Elena had said. “I’ll drive her car back home a few hours later. It’s that ok?”
“Yes. Thank you, Damon, for taking care of her.”
A few hours later Bonnie and Damon went to Elena’s house.
“Elena, we have a great idea!”
“Actually it was my idea.” Damon said.
“Whatever.” Bonnie told him. “I can make a spell. Damon’s soul can get into Stefan’s body, and vice versa. Damon won’t have problems pretending to be a bad Stefan, and Stefan in Damon’s body could explain the real situation. What do you think?”
“Oh, Bonnie it’s a wonderful idea! What do we need for the spell?”
“Well, things belonging to Stefan and Damon. But we already got these. And some candles. And a book which I already have.”
“Ok, I’ll go find some candles.”
“We need them in different colors.”
“I’ll find some.”
Bonnie arranged the candles in a circle and put Damon’s and Stefan’s things in a bowl full of a bunny’s blood. She read some words in Latin and after she’d finished, Damon’s body began to shake.
“What’s happening? Is this normal, Bonnie?”
“Yes. I think so. This is when the transfer should occur.”

Monday, July 25, 2011

About sadness...

Sadness is like a waterfall... it's flowing through my veins like a river, and when it gets to its destination it just explodes in thousand of water drops that hit my face. I feel lost, but not lost in a place, lost in my own disappointments. Lost in the errors that were made by me, by someone else. It really doesn't matter. You feel your soul flooded.

I guess sadness has a connection with deception, disappointment, death, bad, break ups, lies, mistakes, but what hurts the most is when we are talking about two people, lovers, friends; it doesn't matter. But if one of them doesn't care enough then sadness can be very painful...

I don't want to talk about this. You would ask "why tell me then?" My answer is that I need to. Not because I need to tell someone, but I need you to understand how important is that you find the cause of your sadness and a possible solution. I know that in most cases it isn't one... but hope. Light an invisible candle and imagine the flame going bigger and bigger and surrounding you. The next time the waterfall will "explode" you'll be protected by the flames.

You'll ask "why give solutions to others and not to yourself?" But I have a solution and it's called "indifference". It's hard at first, but it's the best solution to a stone-heart world.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

TVD - Chapter 3 - Part 1

Even if you don’t believe it, the journey of our favorite “almost couple” didn’t had any hot scenes, because Elena kept her head on the ground and as they were closing to Bridgeport she kept thinking about Stefan and only Stefan.
“Have you thought what are you going to tell him when we get there?” Damon asked.
“Yes. I want to know how things stand.”
“And how do you think they stand, Elena?”
“I don’t know. That’s why we’re finding him. I need answers.”
“You said you need me.”
“You know Damon what I meant then.”
“I don’t know. Tell me, Elena, what did you mean?”
“I meant that you’re my friend and that I really needed you on this journey and I’m grateful, Damon, for what you did for me.”
“What I did? I killed Jeremy, I killed Vicky, I hurt Bonnie in the past. What I did for you, Elena?”
“You sacrificed yourself for me. Like a few days ago… like when I and…”
“Stefan are together?” Damon continued. “Why do you believe I should sacrifice myself then when you have Stefan by your side?”
“Damon, you know what I mean. This journey must be hard for you.”
“Actually I’m enjoying it. After all, I am alone with you.” He smiled one of his killer smiles.
After a while he had to stop the car. In front of them was a figure.  Elena didn’t even think about it. She came out of the car without thinking and she hugged the man. Damon was shouting that she should be careful, but he knew too. They knew the man who appeared from nowhere was Stefan.
“Stefan, my love! I’ve missed you so much!” Elena cried.
He remained still, he didn’t hugged her back, he just stared in front. He stared at the car, or who knows if he actually was seeing something.
“Stefan? Talk to me, Stefan!”
“You and Damon should head back to Mystic Falls. You have nothing to do here, for the moment.” Stefan said harshly.
“And why we should do that?” Damon asked before Elena could say something.
“Because these lands are dangerous.”
“And you’ll let Elena get hurt?”
“Never! That’s why I’m telling you to leave. Now everything’s changed.”
“Stefan, why don’t you look at me?” Elena asked through the tears.
He just smiled and looked at Damon and made a sign with his hand that Damon should leave with Elena.
“Do you trust me little brother?”
“With what?”
“To be alone with her? You know, if you’re out of the picture I might actually do things.”
“Do whatever you want.” Stefan said. “But don’t touch Elena!”
“So you still care. Why don’t you return?”
“Damon, things got complicated. You should be happy. We don’t owe each other anything anymore.”
“C’mon Stefan. We’re not talking about us. We’re talking about Elena, here. Don’t you have anything to say about it?”
“No.” Stefan said calmly.
“Stefan what’s happening? You know you can trust me.” Elena said.
“Not much. I’m bad now as you can see. Oh, and I enjoy it.”
“Have you killed anyone?”
“Yes, Elena. I have. What’s that look on your face, Damon? Didn’t you wanted me to come to the dark side? Now, we’re brothers. You can be proud.”
“Elena, I think we should go.” Damon said.
“I’m not going anywhere! Can’t you see what they’ve done to him?”
“I think they done a beautiful job. Now I can embrace my nature. Finally.”
“Stefan, you talk like the old Damon, just a little exaggerated. We know it’s not you who’s talking.”
“Then who is it? Me?” Klaus asked coming from behind Stefan.
“You could’ve compelled him.” Damon said.
“And where would all the fun remain?” Klaus laughed. “Think whatever you want, but Stefan is free like a bird.”
“In a cage?” Damon challenged him.
“That’s why you end up dying, Damon. Even if you’re his older brother, Stefan is smarter than you. He doesn’t say stupid things that are crossing his mind.”
“Leave, Elena.” Stefan said.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S02E04 Screenshots

I chose this episode because at some part it gets very funny. I didn't make a lot of screenshots, but I will post more episodes soon enough.

It's not a real kiss. It's just Stefan's mind controlled by Katherine. Don't get too exiceted.

The werewolf made by Damon. Or at least that's supposed to be.