Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Secret love

If such thing would exist, would you cherish it? Would you fight to protect your secret love?

You find yourself walking alone on a road. You don't know where you're going but you keep walking. The sky is cloudy and you keep your look down. You pray to god for a sign and a few minutes later it begins to rain.You don't understand what this means. Should you go on to this lonely road or should you do something different?

You keep walking in the rain when she comes, the girl of your dreams. She changes everything. She brings back the sun, she gives your world color, and she makes you have a purpose. You want to be with her, you wish to be happy. You keep hidden this love, because you're afraid it will fall apart. You would write a novel about happiness now and there's nothing in this world you can't achieve. The world is yours.

You live a beautiful love story for some time. But then, you wake up one day and the sky is cloudy again. You don't understand why. You ask an angel because now you can talk to them. The angel tells you that the magic has faded away. "Why?", "Because things can be the same all the time. Eventually someone gets bored or the mechanism simply stops working." The angel responded.

You watch silently as she goes away. The world starts falling apart again.You wake up to reality and you realize there's only one thing you forgot to appreciate in life: yourself. You tried to find everything in someone else and all this time all you had to do was look at yourself and then  A new chapter begins... and you still can't understand: what does it matter after all?


  1. Hmmm secret love ? No thanks :D The story is very sad...:(

  2. When read this story, I have seen myself in there. Look like me and the writers seem like having the same sadness about love, an one side love