About me

Hi. I would like to add that I like many things. I like to play sports, but not to watch them. I like ping-pong, tennis, volley and pool. I love watching movies such as: Queen of the Damned, American Psycho, Rush Hour, Saw, House of Wax, Monster in Law, Batman Begins, The Proposal, and many others. I also like to play games... So far I've played: NFSU, NFSMW, NFS Carbon, Fable, Sims 2(all of them), Sims 3, AoE III, Assassin's Creed, Fahrenheit, GTA VC, GTA SA, Heretic, Heretic 2 etc.

Now, that I've bored you with all kinds of stuff that I watch and play, let me tell you something more seriously. I like to ask myself all kinds of questions like: how the world appeared, what I was doing before I was born, is there a possibility of reincarnation, do aliens exists, what would I do if I saw one, when the world will end, why the world could end, etc. They sound philosophical, but they actually give me headaches from time to time. So, I'm writing to stop a little my curiosity and to try to find an answer to all sorts of questions and problems. 

I like to talk a lot, so if you want to know more about any subject just let me know in a comment. Thank you for reading this.  

P.S. I listen to rock music.