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TVD - Chapter 3 - Part 2

“Let’s go, Elena. Not because my brother says so, but because there’s nothing we can do about him.”
“Stefan…” She whispered.
Elena cried and cried when they got in the car and they headed back for Mystic Falls. Bonnie had called her, but she couldn’t speak with her, so Damon had to explain.
“She’s not crying because of me, Bonnie.”
“Then because of whom?”
“Stefan. He’s changed. And you can hear his change from here.” He meant Elena’s tears.
“Damon, can you help her somehow?”
“We can return faster home. But I don’t think she’ll let me comfort her somehow. Because she doesn’t see anyone right now apart from Stefan.”
“I should’ve been there for her.” Bonnie said.
“It’s better that you aren’t. Trust me. You don’t want to see her like this.”
“Damon I think she should sleep for a while.”
“Yeah. Tell me about it.”
“No, I mean, put her on the phone and maybe I can cast a little spell to calm her down.”
“Ok. Elena, Bonnie wants to say something.”
Bonnie whispered some Latin words and there was her friend, she stopped crying, she fell asleep in Damon’s car.
“Elena, you look so beautiful when you’re sleeping. Actually, you always look so beautiful.” Damon told her. “Why did I help you at all to find Stefan? I should’ve known that you’d go after him, and you’ll get hurt because he is not anymore the Stefan you knew. But anyway, you’d go after him even if you had to go alone. I guess that’s why I came along. So that you wouldn’t be alone. I love you, Elena.”
In the next morning they arrived home and Elena woke up.
“Where are we?”
“In Mystic Falls. Bonnie is here to pick you up.”
“I left my car at your house, Damon. I don’t need to be picked up. I can drive myself.”
“You can’t Elena.” Bonnie said.
“I want to go alone.”
“Why are you trying to be strong? Why do you put these barriers around you?” Damon asked.
“I had a good teacher, didn’t I?”
“You can’t be blame me for this.”
“She’s hurt Damon. And you’re the brother of who hurt Elena.” Bonnie said.
“Yeah, I know, I’m always the other one.” Damon smiled, but Elena could see he was hurt. What she had done? Why was she so selfish? She though only about her feelings and Damon’s been there for here. Always. He’d even give his life for her.
“I’m sorry Damon. I’ll go with Bonnie.” She said at last and went forward to the car.
“That was strange.” Bonnie said.
“I know.” Damon replied surprised at what Elena had said. “I’ll drive her car back home a few hours later. It’s that ok?”
“Yes. Thank you, Damon, for taking care of her.”
A few hours later Bonnie and Damon went to Elena’s house.
“Elena, we have a great idea!”
“Actually it was my idea.” Damon said.
“Whatever.” Bonnie told him. “I can make a spell. Damon’s soul can get into Stefan’s body, and vice versa. Damon won’t have problems pretending to be a bad Stefan, and Stefan in Damon’s body could explain the real situation. What do you think?”
“Oh, Bonnie it’s a wonderful idea! What do we need for the spell?”
“Well, things belonging to Stefan and Damon. But we already got these. And some candles. And a book which I already have.”
“Ok, I’ll go find some candles.”
“We need them in different colors.”
“I’ll find some.”
Bonnie arranged the candles in a circle and put Damon’s and Stefan’s things in a bowl full of a bunny’s blood. She read some words in Latin and after she’d finished, Damon’s body began to shake.
“What’s happening? Is this normal, Bonnie?”
“Yes. I think so. This is when the transfer should occur.”

Monday, July 25, 2011

About sadness...

Sadness is like a waterfall... it's flowing through my veins like a river, and when it gets to its destination it just explodes in thousand of water drops that hit my face. I feel lost, but not lost in a place, lost in my own disappointments. Lost in the errors that were made by me, by someone else. It really doesn't matter. You feel your soul flooded.

I guess sadness has a connection with deception, disappointment, death, bad, break ups, lies, mistakes, but what hurts the most is when we are talking about two people, lovers, friends; it doesn't matter. But if one of them doesn't care enough then sadness can be very painful...

I don't want to talk about this. You would ask "why tell me then?" My answer is that I need to. Not because I need to tell someone, but I need you to understand how important is that you find the cause of your sadness and a possible solution. I know that in most cases it isn't one... but hope. Light an invisible candle and imagine the flame going bigger and bigger and surrounding you. The next time the waterfall will "explode" you'll be protected by the flames.

You'll ask "why give solutions to others and not to yourself?" But I have a solution and it's called "indifference". It's hard at first, but it's the best solution to a stone-heart world.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

TVD - Chapter 3 - Part 1

Even if you don’t believe it, the journey of our favorite “almost couple” didn’t had any hot scenes, because Elena kept her head on the ground and as they were closing to Bridgeport she kept thinking about Stefan and only Stefan.
“Have you thought what are you going to tell him when we get there?” Damon asked.
“Yes. I want to know how things stand.”
“And how do you think they stand, Elena?”
“I don’t know. That’s why we’re finding him. I need answers.”
“You said you need me.”
“You know Damon what I meant then.”
“I don’t know. Tell me, Elena, what did you mean?”
“I meant that you’re my friend and that I really needed you on this journey and I’m grateful, Damon, for what you did for me.”
“What I did? I killed Jeremy, I killed Vicky, I hurt Bonnie in the past. What I did for you, Elena?”
“You sacrificed yourself for me. Like a few days ago… like when I and…”
“Stefan are together?” Damon continued. “Why do you believe I should sacrifice myself then when you have Stefan by your side?”
“Damon, you know what I mean. This journey must be hard for you.”
“Actually I’m enjoying it. After all, I am alone with you.” He smiled one of his killer smiles.
After a while he had to stop the car. In front of them was a figure.  Elena didn’t even think about it. She came out of the car without thinking and she hugged the man. Damon was shouting that she should be careful, but he knew too. They knew the man who appeared from nowhere was Stefan.
“Stefan, my love! I’ve missed you so much!” Elena cried.
He remained still, he didn’t hugged her back, he just stared in front. He stared at the car, or who knows if he actually was seeing something.
“Stefan? Talk to me, Stefan!”
“You and Damon should head back to Mystic Falls. You have nothing to do here, for the moment.” Stefan said harshly.
“And why we should do that?” Damon asked before Elena could say something.
“Because these lands are dangerous.”
“And you’ll let Elena get hurt?”
“Never! That’s why I’m telling you to leave. Now everything’s changed.”
“Stefan, why don’t you look at me?” Elena asked through the tears.
He just smiled and looked at Damon and made a sign with his hand that Damon should leave with Elena.
“Do you trust me little brother?”
“With what?”
“To be alone with her? You know, if you’re out of the picture I might actually do things.”
“Do whatever you want.” Stefan said. “But don’t touch Elena!”
“So you still care. Why don’t you return?”
“Damon, things got complicated. You should be happy. We don’t owe each other anything anymore.”
“C’mon Stefan. We’re not talking about us. We’re talking about Elena, here. Don’t you have anything to say about it?”
“No.” Stefan said calmly.
“Stefan what’s happening? You know you can trust me.” Elena said.
“Not much. I’m bad now as you can see. Oh, and I enjoy it.”
“Have you killed anyone?”
“Yes, Elena. I have. What’s that look on your face, Damon? Didn’t you wanted me to come to the dark side? Now, we’re brothers. You can be proud.”
“Elena, I think we should go.” Damon said.
“I’m not going anywhere! Can’t you see what they’ve done to him?”
“I think they done a beautiful job. Now I can embrace my nature. Finally.”
“Stefan, you talk like the old Damon, just a little exaggerated. We know it’s not you who’s talking.”
“Then who is it? Me?” Klaus asked coming from behind Stefan.
“You could’ve compelled him.” Damon said.
“And where would all the fun remain?” Klaus laughed. “Think whatever you want, but Stefan is free like a bird.”
“In a cage?” Damon challenged him.
“That’s why you end up dying, Damon. Even if you’re his older brother, Stefan is smarter than you. He doesn’t say stupid things that are crossing his mind.”
“Leave, Elena.” Stefan said.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S02E04 Screenshots

I chose this episode because at some part it gets very funny. I didn't make a lot of screenshots, but I will post more episodes soon enough.

It's not a real kiss. It's just Stefan's mind controlled by Katherine. Don't get too exiceted.

The werewolf made by Damon. Or at least that's supposed to be.

TVD - Chapter 2 - Part 3

Here is the last part of Chapter 2. Enjoy!

“Because you’re dangerous and… stupid and… thoughtless. That’s why!”
“But Elena loves danger. Don’t you, Elena?”
“I want to find Stefan and the only thing that I’m asking of you is to trust me.”
“No, Elena. I’m glad we’ve found you and either you’re going home with us, either you’ll take me with you.” Bonnie demanded.
“Or me.” Said Caroline and then smiled at Bonnie.
“No. You’re a vampire too Caroline, and sometimes you can be on Damon’s side.”
“Oh, come on, Bonnie.”
“I’m going alone with Damon. And that’s my last decision.” Elena said.
“I don’t agree with it and you know why. You can trust Damon that much. You saw what happened today.”
“Bonnie, I need to be on my own. What happened today it’s not going to happen again and if it does we’ll be prepared and we’ll find a way to escape.”
“Ok, if you’re so sure. But at least let us accompany you until the next city and if nothing happens we’ll go home.” Bonnie said.
“Ok, Bonnie. Thank you!” Elena hugged her and Caroline.
Back in Mystic Falls Jeremy was at the local bar. He was meeting with Tyler.
“Anna?” She was in front of him. “Are you for real?”
“You loved her!” Anna was pointing behind Jeremy to Vicky.
“Vicky?” He asked.
“You wanted me to die. You loved her more!”
“No, Anna, you know that’s not true. I wanted to work things out between us. And I never wanted you to die.”
“Yeah, sure!”
Anna pushed him and he fell to the ground. He wanted to ask them something but then the girls disappeared.
“Jeremy, are you ok?” Tyler asked. “Did you eat something?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I have a headache. Nothing more.”
“It looked to me like you were talking to someone.”
“No. I was just complaining that my head hurts. That’s all.”
“If you say so.”
Jeremy turned back to see if Vicky and Anna were still there and he could see that the girls were at the door and they were watching him with angry looks. He felt a chill going down his spine.
“What are you looking at?” Tyler asked.
“Nothing. Let’s go to the table.”
Back to where Damon, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline were, they got closer to Stefan. They were in the next town called Kernville and it was time for Bonnie and Caroline to leave. Thy have to go back home and let Elena and Damon travel alone again.
“I don’t want to just leave you here.” Bonnie cried.
“Don’t worry. Bonnie, I’ll be fine.” Elena said to her.
“She’s in my care now.” Damon told them.
“You better take care of her.” Caroline looked straight to Damon.
“Don’t worry. Nothing bad is going to happen.”
“Yeah, I’m sure of that.” Bonnie said.
“Please, Bonnie, Caroline, just have a little trust in him.”
“Fine.” Bonnie said and then she and Caroline left for Mystic Falls.
“Now were alone again.”
“Damon don’t act like something’s changed.”
“But of course everything changes.”
“And why is that?” Elena asked.
“Because we are alone.”
“Damon, what are you planning?”
He smiled a short killer smile and got closer to her so that he can see every detail of her face.
“I know you love danger, Elena.” He said.
“I love Stefan.”
“And danger too. My middle name is <<danger>>.”
“Damon, please stop with it.”
“No, I won’t because in your heart you know you want me.”
“That’s a serious accusation to make.”
“I already made it. What are you going to do about it, Elena?”
“Damon, it’s my life.”
“And you chose to live it with me for a while. Tell me the truth, why did you wanted to travel alone with me, Elena? Tell me why.”
“Because… I need you.”
“You need me for what?”
“Is it that I have entered somehow in your heart?”
“You are always in my heart. I need you because you’re my friend, Damon.”
“That’s bullshit! Lie to yourself Elena, but you can’t lie to me anymore. Lie to Stefan, lie to whoever you want!”
“Damon, please. You know I don’t love you more than a friend.”
“Oh, I think you do.”
He approached his face to hers. His lips were 4 centimeters away from hers.
 “Push me away now, Elena. Do it. Prove me wrong.”
But Elena didn’t push him away. Instead she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then she said.
“It’s time to leave. We have to continue our journey.”
Damon knew that she avoided Stefan’s name purposely.
“What Damon?”
“Why didn’t you say his name?”
“Forget it, Elena. Forget it.”
If Stefan was bad now maybe he didn’t deserve Elena either. Maybe Damon deserved her more than his brother did. Maybe now was his chance. But he’ll go easy, he’ll go slowly. “I don’t want her to suffer.” He told himself. But that was inevitable anyway. If that’s the case, then he’ll be her shield, her warrior, her hope, her tear, her everything.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TVD - Chapter 2 - Part 2

So here we have another part from Chapter 2. Enjoy!

“Never!” Elena screamed.
“Oh, look Kale, a sweetheart.” The first vampire said to his friend.
“I can see her Nick. Maybe we should taste her.”
“Don’t you dare going near her!” Damon shouted.
“And what are you going to do about that?” Kale said.
“He loves her. Klaus told us but I didn’t believe it.” Nick said.
“Yeah, me neither. Well let’s taste the blood of the famous Elena Gilbert.” Kale looked at her white skin, then saw her brown eyes filled with anger and tears.
“Don’t cry, sweetheart. Everything is going to be ok.” Nick said in a low voice.
“You bastards!” Damon shouted. He used his powers and could manage to free his left hand from the chains.
“Idiot.” Kale said through his teeth. “Let’s hold him. Maybe we could torture him first. I think he asks desperately for it.”
“Yeah, Kale, you’re right. Let’s see how much he can endure.”
Both vampires tried to tie Damon again and they succeeded. They took a bottle full with blood and vervain. They forced him to drink it and Damon’s didn’t make a sound. Elena was screaming to let him alone, but who could listen to her? Damon succeeded in making them angry and they wanted him to pay. After he’d been weakened they made little cuts into him with a knife. They were superficial, but increasing in number they became unbearable. Damon couldn’t sustain himself and gave a terrible scream when they spilled on his wounds hot water filled with vervain. Elena was pleading now to stop hurting him. She was crying and that was the only thing that kept Damon going. He watched her tears. Those tears were for him and no pain could take that euphoria that Elena’s crying for Damon from his mind. He might sounded crazy if he ever told this anyone but he knew this was the only reason to keep him sane. He looked deep in her eyes as Kale and Nick were torturing him and he almost smiled for a second when he saw that Elena was trying to send him a message but he couldn’t understand anything. He was almost in agony and wouldn’t last long conscious. But he didn’t care, no because his angel was crying for him. And that was enough. Enough for a lifetime, enough for every trial that may come in the future. After a moment he realized that he couldn’t see anymore. Maybe he already lost his conscious. What did it matter? Oh, but, no, there was something important that he’d forgotten.
“Maybe we exaggerated a little?” Nick said in a comic voice.
“Yeah, looks like we did. But we’ll wait until he wakes up and we’ll torture his girlfriend.” Kale responded.
“No, Kale. She’s Stefan’s girlfriend.”
“Whatever. I don’t care.”
Then Damon remembered. He had to protect Elena. He opened his eyes.”
“Elena? Are you ok?”
She couldn’t say anything because tears were still flowing from her eyes. The vampires burst into laughter.
“Oh, can you see? He’s aware of her condition.” Nick said.
“Let’s make it worse.” Kale smiled.
But then both of them fell to the ground and they heads were spinning in pain. Bonnie came from Damon’s back along with Caroline. The witch untied Elena, while Caroline untied Damon.
“Bonnie… thank you.” Elena said in a hurry and then headed to Damon.
“Elena, don’t go near him! He could be dangerous!” Bonnie shouted.
“I don’t care. Don’t you see how much did he endure for me? He provoked those guys. He suffered so I can be ok.” Elena was still crying and got close to Damon’s ear. “Do you want my blood?” She offered.
“No! Get out of here. Just let Caroline take me to the hotel room. Bonnie get her out of here.”
“Of course.” Bonnie smiled.
“No, Damon, please! You need blood. Damon!”
“Elena, don’t worry, ok? I have some blood in my car. From the hospital. I figured he’ll need some anyway.” Caroline said.
After a few hours, when Damon had healed Elena and Bonnie returned to the hotel room.
“We didn’t have a chance to talk. Why did you take her to find Stefan?” Bonnie asked.
“Because I wanted to.” Damon smiled one of his killer smiles.
“I asked him to drive me. I asked him to go alone without you or Caroline, or anyone else.” Elena said looking down.
“Elena don’t try to protect him.” Caroline said.
“It’s the truth. Damon asked me to take one of you, guys, but I wanted to go alone.”
“But, Elena, why did you lie to me when I did the localization spell?”
“I didn’t want to drag you into this. And anyway I thought that you’d be needed in Mystic Falls more, than with me, if I was gone for a longer time.”
“Why did Damon lie when we first asked about this?” Caroline said.
“Oh, don’t talk like I’m not here. I told you what you wanted to hear.” Damon said.
“Just shut up!” Bonnie said harshly.
“Ouch. That hurt.” Damon smiled ironically.
“What are you going to do now, Elena?” Her vampire friend asked.
“I’ll keep going with our journey. I mean mine and Damon’s.”
“But, Elena, you can’t travel alone with this jerk.” Bonnie said.
“Why not?” Damon asked.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Screenshots

A few screenshots from The Vampire Diaries S02E01.

TVD - Chapter 2 - Part 1

The Vampire Diaries Chapter 2. This chapter will be about Elena and Damon's journey. I won't write all the chapters about them... it's just that I'm a little obsessed right now. But I promise that Chapter 4 will be a total surprise for everyone.

They drove all night. Elena fell asleep for a while. Damon was looking at her bare skin, such a beautiful face she had. And she looked like an angel when she was asleep. She looked like she was his. But Damon knew Elena belonged to Stefan. But maybe one day that will change. Maybe he’ll change that himself. After an hour or so Elena woke up.
“Where are we?” She asked.
“Not as far as you’d like to be. We’ll stop here for a while. Is a bar where I have some friends. Oh, and we’re out of town so that you know.”
“I don’t think I like your friends too much.”
“Don’t worry Elena, you’re with me? Remember?” He smiled his killer smile for a few seconds then returned to his grim face but always handsome.
Damon talked to some of his friends, had a few drinks and found out that was the bar where Mason had turned into a werewolf.
“His, friend, Katherine, compelled one of his best friends to challenge him and fight till death.” A vampire said.
“Such a good friend he had.” Damon replied smiling his ironic smile.
“Yeah, and then she came and pretended that she was there to help him.”
“So Katherine all she wanted from the beginning was to have a werewolf for Klaus. Or for her. It doesn’t matter at all. That’s Katherine.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” The vampire replied. “She got me with her lies for a time too.”
“Who hasn’t she got, I wonder?”
Later Damon and Elena went to a hotel to sleep for a few hours and to have a bath. They took only a room due to lack of money from Damon.
He took a long shower and then appeared in front of Elena with a towel.
“You look…” She started.
“Gorgeous? Extremely beautiful? Handsome?”
“Funny” Laughed Elena. “I think you drank too much.”
“I feel fine. And it’s ok if you don’t want to admit this attraction between us. I can live with that.”
“Damon, what attraction? You know I love Stefan.”
“Oh, I’m sure you do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to someone else too.”
“Damon, you know I’m not like that.”
“All I know is that we have strong chemistry. Can’t you feel it Elena? You really can’t feel it?”
“Damon, please stop. Just get dressed.”
“In front of you?” He gave her one of his killer’s smile. “Ok, if you want it.”
“No, Damon! Wait until I get to the bathroom.”
“And then I come too?”
“No! Damon, please stop it!”
“Fine. But you’re still remaining my princess of darkness.” He said it in a lower voice.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing… just nothing.”
But Elena had heard. And she was sorry, she was sorry that she couldn’t feel the same for him. Damon was a good person despite all his sins, all his hatred. And he loved her, only her, not Katherine, not other girl that he’d been with. Elena sometimes felt that the love Damon felt was stronger than the love Stefan felt. But she knew that couldn’t be right. Stefan was just less dangerous, less impulsive and he loved her as much as Damon did, or maybe more. But Damon had sacrificed so much for her. He’d live to see her and Stefan getting along. He’d seen them hug, kiss. If roles where changed someday, and Elena would love Damon, would be Stefan so comprehensive about them?
Elena had a bath and when she returned to the room Damon was lying on the floor.
“Damon! Wake up! What happened? Damon!?” She was screaming.
But Damon didn’t wake up. And then a couple of vampires entered the room and kidnapped her and the gorgeous Damon. After they hit her in the head with something, Elena lied unconscious for a few hours in a cave tied up and in front of Damon.
“Elena. Elena, are you ok?”
“I think so. Where are we?”
“In a cave. I don’t know. I’m sorry Elena. I failed to protect you.”
“You wanted to stop by a bar where your <<dear friends>> were.”
“I stopped at the bar because I had to find out something about Katherine. I’ll tell you later. Now, we need to escape.”
“Damon, they’re coming.”
“What do we have here? Friends of Klaus.” Damon said harshly.
“Yes. He asked us to check on you.” A vampire said.
“How considerate of him. I wonder, what’s his plan this time?”
“No plan. He knows already that you’re trying to find Stefan. But better back off.”

TVD - Chapter 1 - Part 3

The last part from Chapter 1.

“What do I do now?” She asked herself.
“Who’re you talking to?” Matt said.
“Matt… I was talking to myself.”
“Why? Something has happened?”
“No. Nothing new… Matt, how are you?”
“I’m fine.”
“Matt, do you think, it’s anything possible between us in the future?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be used to the fact that you’re a vampire soon.”
“But you know this for a longer time now.”
“Yes, Caroline but it’s just that you’re not anymore who I used to know.”
“I haven’t changed at all Matt.”
“Maybe that’s the problem. Remember your last jealousy crisis? Remember that you said things will work out and then they didn’t?”
“Yes. You’re right. Maybe we are just not destined to be. I feel like Elena now. I mean in the way I’m talking with all these premonitions.”
“Yeah. Well, I gotta go.”
“Ok, Matt… see you.”
“See you.”
 The night came quickly. Elena assured herself that no one was in the house when she left. She was heading toward Damon’s house, well actually the Salvatore brothers’ house. But, no, now was her house. Stefan had passed the property on her name. And what good did it made now? Everything felt useless. She rang the bell and saw the surprise in Damon’s face.
“What did I do now?”
“Nothing. What?”
“Oh, come on, Elena you don’t come to see me just like that. And less at this hour.”
“Well, Damon, I have to ask you. Would you do something for me?”
“I would do anything for you, Elena. Anything!”
“I found Stefan. Well, actually, Bonnie did; with a spell.”
“And you want me to help you go there.”
“Like just me?”
“Yes, Damon.”
“Have you lost your mind or something? Do I have to remind you that it’s not such a good idea to travel alone with a vampire?”
“I trust you. And besides I can’t take anyone else with us.”
“Well if Klaus decides to return here when we are gone, Bonnie is the one who can protect this town. And Caroline can help her too. And Tyler too. And maybe even Sheriff Forbes can do something about it now. You see, I need all of them to stay here. But you and I can go and rescue Stefan.”
“If there’s anything to rescue about him.”
“Ok. Well go. When do you want to leave?”
“Like… now?”
“Now? At this hour?”
“Yes, Damon, if we lose time we’ll lose Stefan. He’s not going to stay in Bridgeport Town forever!”
“Where? You know how far is that?”
“That’s why I want to leave now.”
“Nobody knows about you leaving, right?”
“They’ll find out soon enough if we don’t leave.”
“Fine, Elena, but remember it’s your risk.”
“I know. Let’s go. Choose a car, yours or mine, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go now.”

Monday, July 11, 2011

TVD - Chapter 1 - Part 2

So that you know. These are mine, and yes it's based on the show, and yes, I'm team Damon, but in Chapter 3 I'll write about Stefan too, and I want to make this chapters like mini episodes. I'm not an expert, writing is my hobby and if you don't like how I continued the story don't read it.

“Oh, come on, Damon! Stefan, wouldn’t do that!”
“Elena, listen to me. He’s changed, and if he comes back, I’m afraid you won’t find anything << sweet Stefan>> about him. I convinced Katherine to tell me some things… and well, she said Klaus made Stefan to drink a lot of human blood until his vampire instincts were completely awake and he would go for a kill. Elena, Klaus wants to turn him on his side, and he’s a got a plan with that…” Damon stopped when he saw that Elena cried. Actually, he felt it for a while, but he had to make her understand a few things, even if they were bad and painful. And he didn’t want her to suffer. He suddenly began to breathe faster, because he didn’t know how to comfort her, he knew that Stefan was the only one able to do that. She loved Stefan. And he knew that very well and although he loved her, he couldn’t do much. He was useless. As Elena looked at him, he tried to control himself and touched her face.
“Elena, Elena, listen to me. We will find him, and whatever he promised Klaus we will free him from that promise and everything will be fine.”
“I think you should leave.”
“What!? What did I do? What did I say?”
“Nothing, Damon, it’s just that I have some things to think about.”
“Ok, I’ll leave but only if you promise me you won’t cry anymore.”
“I… promise.” She said, but Damon knew that was a total lie.
After he left Elena went to her bedroom and looked on herself on the mirror.
“I have to be strong, and I have to stop showing every feeling. I am strong and I can get over this. Then I will be with Stefan again and everything will be just fine. No, it will more than fine, it’ll be perfect.”
“Elena, who are you talking to?” Jeremy asked as he had got upstairs.
“No one. Are you back home?”
“How was your day?”
“Fine. I was at Tyler’s. We had a chat together. Then Caroline showed up later.”
“Jeremy are you sure nothing’s wrong with you?”
“Yes. Just that I’m having these dreams. Well, they seem pretty real, but they should be dreams.”
“What did you dream of?”
“Who, it’s well said. Vicky and Anna. I know they’re dead and I loved them both… but one night I heard some noises downstairs. I went to check it out, and there they were, one on the left side of the couch, and the other on the right side. I was surprised and I talked to them but they never said a word.”
“Jeremy, you know it’s very serious if that wasn’t just a dream.”
“I know Elena. Just spare me the speech. I’ll go to my room.”
“Jeremy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“It’s ok. We’ve been through enough. Just don’t tell this to Bonnie, ok? She’ll get worried.”
“I won’t tell her. I promise.”
The next day came as flying. Elena caught herself in the kitchen asking Jenna to hand her over the sugar bowl.
“I’m sorry, Jeremy, I didn’t want to say this. I’m just… not used to not having her… you know?”
“Yes, Elena. I know it’s hard. But we’ll have to deal with it whether we want it or not.”
“Yeah, I guess so. Someone’s at the door. Who could visit so early?”
“Don’t worry Elena, I’ll go get the door. Oh, hi, Bonnie. How are you?”
“Jeremy. I’m fine, thank you. Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah, sure. Wanna come in?”
“Yes. Is Elena home?”
“Sure. She’s in the kitchen. We were having breakfast.”
“Actually I came to see you.”
“Ok, but why I don’t like how that it sounds?”
“Jeremy, I read something in the book and it’s said that our revival spell has some secondary effects. Did you feel any different?”
“No, I mean at first I felt a little awkward that I died and then I was brought back to life, but everything is fine.”
“Ok, but Jeremy, you’ll tell me if anything’s wrong, won’t you?”
“I will Bonnie.” And he gave her a smile, he tried to make it natural, but at some point, Bonnie saw that was a fake smile. But she just thought he can’t be too happy now that Jenna’s gone.
“Bonnie, do you want to have breakfast with us?”
“Sure, Jeremy.” She smiled and agreed.
“Bonnie, how are you?” Elena asked.
“I’m fine. And you, Elena, how do you feel?”
“I’ll be ok. Look, Bonnie, do you think you could cast a localization spell?”
“No, Elena, I can’t.”
“Why not? Come on, Bonnie, please!”
“No, Elena. I know you want to find him, but he’s dangerous. And he might be far from here.”
“Bonnie, please try to understand. I need to know at least where he is. I know he is dangerous, I know because Klaus is bad, and somehow we’ll have to kill him.”
“Well, I’m not going to cast this spell so that you would go after Stefan.”
“But, Bonnie what if in Stefan’s place was Jeremy? Wouldn’t you make a localization spell?”
“Yes, Elena, but Jeremy is not a vampire so the situation changes.”
“Nothing changes! Please, Bonnie.”
“Fine, but you won’t go alone after him.”
“Ok. Thank you!”
After breakfast Bonnie casted the localization spell and they found out that Stefan is somewhere in Bridgeport Town which is on the north-east coast of California. Yes, it was like 10 cities distance from Elena, but now she knew where her Stefan was. He was still hers, right?
Back to Tyler’s mansion Caroline came today to visit him.
“Hi, Mrs. Lockwood. Is Tyler home?”
“Of course, Caroline. Come in. He’s in his room. I’m so glad he came back home.”
“Yeah, me too. Can I go…?”
“Of course. There is no problem. You can go to his room.” Tyler’s mother said.
Knock, knock.
“Mom, I don’t want to see anyone. I told you!”
“Tyler, I’m not your mom. Can I come in?” Caroline said as she opened the door a little.
“Sure, Caroline. Sorry, I thought you were…”
“It’s ok. I understand.”
“I’m glad to see you.”
Caroline just smiled.
“Something happened?” He asked her.
“You know… about Jenna. She wasn’t supposed to be that night there… and neither was she supposed to be a vampire. I feel guilty that we were the ones that had to die… and in change of our lives we gave others’…”
“Caroline, you know it’s not our fault. And even if Jenna and Jules could have escaped, Klaus would’ve killed someone else. And maybe it could be worse than this.”
“Yes, Tyler but… still…”
The werewolf took her in his arms and then got closer to her face.
“You’re so beautiful, Caroline.”
“Tyler, don’t…”
He made a step back.
“You want to know why I left?”
“Because you became a werewolf and things got complicated?”
“No, Caroline. I left because of you. Because I felt that you betrayed me, and I just couldn’t stand you and Matt anymore.”
“Tyler, you mean…”
“Yes. I love you, Caroline.”
“I… don’t know what to say.”
“Just go. I want to be alone.”
“But, Tyler…”
“Go. Think about this and then let me know when you have an answer.”
 Caroline just left without saying another word. She was surprised by the news, but somewhere in her heart she knew the truth for a long time now.