Thursday, July 14, 2011

TVD - Chapter 2 - Part 2

So here we have another part from Chapter 2. Enjoy!

“Never!” Elena screamed.
“Oh, look Kale, a sweetheart.” The first vampire said to his friend.
“I can see her Nick. Maybe we should taste her.”
“Don’t you dare going near her!” Damon shouted.
“And what are you going to do about that?” Kale said.
“He loves her. Klaus told us but I didn’t believe it.” Nick said.
“Yeah, me neither. Well let’s taste the blood of the famous Elena Gilbert.” Kale looked at her white skin, then saw her brown eyes filled with anger and tears.
“Don’t cry, sweetheart. Everything is going to be ok.” Nick said in a low voice.
“You bastards!” Damon shouted. He used his powers and could manage to free his left hand from the chains.
“Idiot.” Kale said through his teeth. “Let’s hold him. Maybe we could torture him first. I think he asks desperately for it.”
“Yeah, Kale, you’re right. Let’s see how much he can endure.”
Both vampires tried to tie Damon again and they succeeded. They took a bottle full with blood and vervain. They forced him to drink it and Damon’s didn’t make a sound. Elena was screaming to let him alone, but who could listen to her? Damon succeeded in making them angry and they wanted him to pay. After he’d been weakened they made little cuts into him with a knife. They were superficial, but increasing in number they became unbearable. Damon couldn’t sustain himself and gave a terrible scream when they spilled on his wounds hot water filled with vervain. Elena was pleading now to stop hurting him. She was crying and that was the only thing that kept Damon going. He watched her tears. Those tears were for him and no pain could take that euphoria that Elena’s crying for Damon from his mind. He might sounded crazy if he ever told this anyone but he knew this was the only reason to keep him sane. He looked deep in her eyes as Kale and Nick were torturing him and he almost smiled for a second when he saw that Elena was trying to send him a message but he couldn’t understand anything. He was almost in agony and wouldn’t last long conscious. But he didn’t care, no because his angel was crying for him. And that was enough. Enough for a lifetime, enough for every trial that may come in the future. After a moment he realized that he couldn’t see anymore. Maybe he already lost his conscious. What did it matter? Oh, but, no, there was something important that he’d forgotten.
“Maybe we exaggerated a little?” Nick said in a comic voice.
“Yeah, looks like we did. But we’ll wait until he wakes up and we’ll torture his girlfriend.” Kale responded.
“No, Kale. She’s Stefan’s girlfriend.”
“Whatever. I don’t care.”
Then Damon remembered. He had to protect Elena. He opened his eyes.”
“Elena? Are you ok?”
She couldn’t say anything because tears were still flowing from her eyes. The vampires burst into laughter.
“Oh, can you see? He’s aware of her condition.” Nick said.
“Let’s make it worse.” Kale smiled.
But then both of them fell to the ground and they heads were spinning in pain. Bonnie came from Damon’s back along with Caroline. The witch untied Elena, while Caroline untied Damon.
“Bonnie… thank you.” Elena said in a hurry and then headed to Damon.
“Elena, don’t go near him! He could be dangerous!” Bonnie shouted.
“I don’t care. Don’t you see how much did he endure for me? He provoked those guys. He suffered so I can be ok.” Elena was still crying and got close to Damon’s ear. “Do you want my blood?” She offered.
“No! Get out of here. Just let Caroline take me to the hotel room. Bonnie get her out of here.”
“Of course.” Bonnie smiled.
“No, Damon, please! You need blood. Damon!”
“Elena, don’t worry, ok? I have some blood in my car. From the hospital. I figured he’ll need some anyway.” Caroline said.
After a few hours, when Damon had healed Elena and Bonnie returned to the hotel room.
“We didn’t have a chance to talk. Why did you take her to find Stefan?” Bonnie asked.
“Because I wanted to.” Damon smiled one of his killer smiles.
“I asked him to drive me. I asked him to go alone without you or Caroline, or anyone else.” Elena said looking down.
“Elena don’t try to protect him.” Caroline said.
“It’s the truth. Damon asked me to take one of you, guys, but I wanted to go alone.”
“But, Elena, why did you lie to me when I did the localization spell?”
“I didn’t want to drag you into this. And anyway I thought that you’d be needed in Mystic Falls more, than with me, if I was gone for a longer time.”
“Why did Damon lie when we first asked about this?” Caroline said.
“Oh, don’t talk like I’m not here. I told you what you wanted to hear.” Damon said.
“Just shut up!” Bonnie said harshly.
“Ouch. That hurt.” Damon smiled ironically.
“What are you going to do now, Elena?” Her vampire friend asked.
“I’ll keep going with our journey. I mean mine and Damon’s.”
“But, Elena, you can’t travel alone with this jerk.” Bonnie said.
“Why not?” Damon asked.

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