Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TVD - Chapter 1 - Part 3

The last part from Chapter 1.

“What do I do now?” She asked herself.
“Who’re you talking to?” Matt said.
“Matt… I was talking to myself.”
“Why? Something has happened?”
“No. Nothing new… Matt, how are you?”
“I’m fine.”
“Matt, do you think, it’s anything possible between us in the future?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be used to the fact that you’re a vampire soon.”
“But you know this for a longer time now.”
“Yes, Caroline but it’s just that you’re not anymore who I used to know.”
“I haven’t changed at all Matt.”
“Maybe that’s the problem. Remember your last jealousy crisis? Remember that you said things will work out and then they didn’t?”
“Yes. You’re right. Maybe we are just not destined to be. I feel like Elena now. I mean in the way I’m talking with all these premonitions.”
“Yeah. Well, I gotta go.”
“Ok, Matt… see you.”
“See you.”
 The night came quickly. Elena assured herself that no one was in the house when she left. She was heading toward Damon’s house, well actually the Salvatore brothers’ house. But, no, now was her house. Stefan had passed the property on her name. And what good did it made now? Everything felt useless. She rang the bell and saw the surprise in Damon’s face.
“What did I do now?”
“Nothing. What?”
“Oh, come on, Elena you don’t come to see me just like that. And less at this hour.”
“Well, Damon, I have to ask you. Would you do something for me?”
“I would do anything for you, Elena. Anything!”
“I found Stefan. Well, actually, Bonnie did; with a spell.”
“And you want me to help you go there.”
“Like just me?”
“Yes, Damon.”
“Have you lost your mind or something? Do I have to remind you that it’s not such a good idea to travel alone with a vampire?”
“I trust you. And besides I can’t take anyone else with us.”
“Well if Klaus decides to return here when we are gone, Bonnie is the one who can protect this town. And Caroline can help her too. And Tyler too. And maybe even Sheriff Forbes can do something about it now. You see, I need all of them to stay here. But you and I can go and rescue Stefan.”
“If there’s anything to rescue about him.”
“Ok. Well go. When do you want to leave?”
“Like… now?”
“Now? At this hour?”
“Yes, Damon, if we lose time we’ll lose Stefan. He’s not going to stay in Bridgeport Town forever!”
“Where? You know how far is that?”
“That’s why I want to leave now.”
“Nobody knows about you leaving, right?”
“They’ll find out soon enough if we don’t leave.”
“Fine, Elena, but remember it’s your risk.”
“I know. Let’s go. Choose a car, yours or mine, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go now.”

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