Sunday, July 10, 2011

TVD Chapter 1 - Part 1

Maybe you don't know but I love The Vampire Diaries. I can't wait till season 3 so I decided to write a fanfic about what will happen after the last episode "As I lie dying" from season 2.

Here is a part of chapter 1:

Damon drank the blood brought by Katherine. In her heart, Elena was glad that Damon won't die, but her first worry was Stefan. She had to ask what happened with him. Katherine's answer wasn't actually an expected one.
"Stefan gave himself over to Klaus. He did it to save his own brother, and you Elena. But now you have Damon to keep you company. It's ok to love them both. I did."
Elena stood still in the room with Damon, who got better and got up from bed.
"Elena, I'm sorry... I'll do anything to find Stefan. I promise you", said the vampire and held her in his arms.
Elena didn't argue and she stood like unaware of the reality around her. Jenna had died, that couldn't believe it either. Alaric was undone, Jeremy became more distant, almost like tired of everything that had happened. Damon had promised her that he'll find Stefan and he will bring him back. Elena knew that Damon never crossed his word. And she knew that he loved her... how much; only Damon could tell...
"Jeremy, are you ok?" Elena asked.
"Yes, Elena, just leave me alone."
"Jeremy we have to be more united now that..."
A terrible silence came between them.
"I'll be fine" finally said Jeremy.
Tyler and Caroline had met after a few days.
"You'll stick in town for a while?"
"Yes. Caroline... does Matt know that you're a vampire?"
"And how did it take it?"
"Bad. He said he can't see me like always. He tried, but... well my mom is making a big progress."
"I'm glad to hear some good news" said Tyler.
"I'm so sorry for Elena's aunt."
"I know." Tyler hugged her.
Elena wouldn’t go out much these days. But her friends, Bonnie and Caroline came over a few times. Bonnie tried to cheer her up by casting a funny spell. She made an apple say “hello” to them. Caroline felt a little awkward, but Elena eventually smiled. Suddenly, the bell rang. Elena went down to answer the door. Behind the doorway a tall dark man stood. His hair was darker than Stefan’s, but he reminded Elena of Stefan anyway. He had blue eyes like the ocean that looked straight into her brown eyes.
“Hi, Elena. Can I come in?”
“Sure, Damon. Please, come in.”
“Look who’s here.” Damon said looking at Bonnie and smiling.
“If I were you I would be careful on which tone should I speak.” Bonnie said.
“Ouch, that almost sounded like a threat.” The vampire replied.
“Whatever.” Bonnie said.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea for a fight right now.” Caroline said. “Bonnie, I think we should go home.”
“Fine, but only if Elena prefers it that way.” Bonnie replied.
“It’s ok. You can go home. I’ll be safe.”
“Ok.” Bonnie said looking in Damon’s eyes with an angry look.
“Bye.” Damon said waving at the girls. “Finally the witch is gone.”
“Damon!” Elena shouted.
“Sorry. You know that I don’t like her.”
“You have something to tell me.”
“Yes, Elena, listen… I know this is going to be a little painful, but I think you have to know this.”
“Damon, just get to the point.”
“Fine. Stefan killed an innocent young woman. She was a blonde, brought by Klaus, especially for Stefan to kill her and also to enjoy his prey.”

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