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TVD - Chapter 1 - Part 2

So that you know. These are mine, and yes it's based on the show, and yes, I'm team Damon, but in Chapter 3 I'll write about Stefan too, and I want to make this chapters like mini episodes. I'm not an expert, writing is my hobby and if you don't like how I continued the story don't read it.

“Oh, come on, Damon! Stefan, wouldn’t do that!”
“Elena, listen to me. He’s changed, and if he comes back, I’m afraid you won’t find anything << sweet Stefan>> about him. I convinced Katherine to tell me some things… and well, she said Klaus made Stefan to drink a lot of human blood until his vampire instincts were completely awake and he would go for a kill. Elena, Klaus wants to turn him on his side, and he’s a got a plan with that…” Damon stopped when he saw that Elena cried. Actually, he felt it for a while, but he had to make her understand a few things, even if they were bad and painful. And he didn’t want her to suffer. He suddenly began to breathe faster, because he didn’t know how to comfort her, he knew that Stefan was the only one able to do that. She loved Stefan. And he knew that very well and although he loved her, he couldn’t do much. He was useless. As Elena looked at him, he tried to control himself and touched her face.
“Elena, Elena, listen to me. We will find him, and whatever he promised Klaus we will free him from that promise and everything will be fine.”
“I think you should leave.”
“What!? What did I do? What did I say?”
“Nothing, Damon, it’s just that I have some things to think about.”
“Ok, I’ll leave but only if you promise me you won’t cry anymore.”
“I… promise.” She said, but Damon knew that was a total lie.
After he left Elena went to her bedroom and looked on herself on the mirror.
“I have to be strong, and I have to stop showing every feeling. I am strong and I can get over this. Then I will be with Stefan again and everything will be just fine. No, it will more than fine, it’ll be perfect.”
“Elena, who are you talking to?” Jeremy asked as he had got upstairs.
“No one. Are you back home?”
“How was your day?”
“Fine. I was at Tyler’s. We had a chat together. Then Caroline showed up later.”
“Jeremy are you sure nothing’s wrong with you?”
“Yes. Just that I’m having these dreams. Well, they seem pretty real, but they should be dreams.”
“What did you dream of?”
“Who, it’s well said. Vicky and Anna. I know they’re dead and I loved them both… but one night I heard some noises downstairs. I went to check it out, and there they were, one on the left side of the couch, and the other on the right side. I was surprised and I talked to them but they never said a word.”
“Jeremy, you know it’s very serious if that wasn’t just a dream.”
“I know Elena. Just spare me the speech. I’ll go to my room.”
“Jeremy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“It’s ok. We’ve been through enough. Just don’t tell this to Bonnie, ok? She’ll get worried.”
“I won’t tell her. I promise.”
The next day came as flying. Elena caught herself in the kitchen asking Jenna to hand her over the sugar bowl.
“I’m sorry, Jeremy, I didn’t want to say this. I’m just… not used to not having her… you know?”
“Yes, Elena. I know it’s hard. But we’ll have to deal with it whether we want it or not.”
“Yeah, I guess so. Someone’s at the door. Who could visit so early?”
“Don’t worry Elena, I’ll go get the door. Oh, hi, Bonnie. How are you?”
“Jeremy. I’m fine, thank you. Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah, sure. Wanna come in?”
“Yes. Is Elena home?”
“Sure. She’s in the kitchen. We were having breakfast.”
“Actually I came to see you.”
“Ok, but why I don’t like how that it sounds?”
“Jeremy, I read something in the book and it’s said that our revival spell has some secondary effects. Did you feel any different?”
“No, I mean at first I felt a little awkward that I died and then I was brought back to life, but everything is fine.”
“Ok, but Jeremy, you’ll tell me if anything’s wrong, won’t you?”
“I will Bonnie.” And he gave her a smile, he tried to make it natural, but at some point, Bonnie saw that was a fake smile. But she just thought he can’t be too happy now that Jenna’s gone.
“Bonnie, do you want to have breakfast with us?”
“Sure, Jeremy.” She smiled and agreed.
“Bonnie, how are you?” Elena asked.
“I’m fine. And you, Elena, how do you feel?”
“I’ll be ok. Look, Bonnie, do you think you could cast a localization spell?”
“No, Elena, I can’t.”
“Why not? Come on, Bonnie, please!”
“No, Elena. I know you want to find him, but he’s dangerous. And he might be far from here.”
“Bonnie, please try to understand. I need to know at least where he is. I know he is dangerous, I know because Klaus is bad, and somehow we’ll have to kill him.”
“Well, I’m not going to cast this spell so that you would go after Stefan.”
“But, Bonnie what if in Stefan’s place was Jeremy? Wouldn’t you make a localization spell?”
“Yes, Elena, but Jeremy is not a vampire so the situation changes.”
“Nothing changes! Please, Bonnie.”
“Fine, but you won’t go alone after him.”
“Ok. Thank you!”
After breakfast Bonnie casted the localization spell and they found out that Stefan is somewhere in Bridgeport Town which is on the north-east coast of California. Yes, it was like 10 cities distance from Elena, but now she knew where her Stefan was. He was still hers, right?
Back to Tyler’s mansion Caroline came today to visit him.
“Hi, Mrs. Lockwood. Is Tyler home?”
“Of course, Caroline. Come in. He’s in his room. I’m so glad he came back home.”
“Yeah, me too. Can I go…?”
“Of course. There is no problem. You can go to his room.” Tyler’s mother said.
Knock, knock.
“Mom, I don’t want to see anyone. I told you!”
“Tyler, I’m not your mom. Can I come in?” Caroline said as she opened the door a little.
“Sure, Caroline. Sorry, I thought you were…”
“It’s ok. I understand.”
“I’m glad to see you.”
Caroline just smiled.
“Something happened?” He asked her.
“You know… about Jenna. She wasn’t supposed to be that night there… and neither was she supposed to be a vampire. I feel guilty that we were the ones that had to die… and in change of our lives we gave others’…”
“Caroline, you know it’s not our fault. And even if Jenna and Jules could have escaped, Klaus would’ve killed someone else. And maybe it could be worse than this.”
“Yes, Tyler but… still…”
The werewolf took her in his arms and then got closer to her face.
“You’re so beautiful, Caroline.”
“Tyler, don’t…”
He made a step back.
“You want to know why I left?”
“Because you became a werewolf and things got complicated?”
“No, Caroline. I left because of you. Because I felt that you betrayed me, and I just couldn’t stand you and Matt anymore.”
“Tyler, you mean…”
“Yes. I love you, Caroline.”
“I… don’t know what to say.”
“Just go. I want to be alone.”
“But, Tyler…”
“Go. Think about this and then let me know when you have an answer.”
 Caroline just left without saying another word. She was surprised by the news, but somewhere in her heart she knew the truth for a long time now.

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