Friday, July 29, 2011

TVD - Chapter 3 - Part 2

“Let’s go, Elena. Not because my brother says so, but because there’s nothing we can do about him.”
“Stefan…” She whispered.
Elena cried and cried when they got in the car and they headed back for Mystic Falls. Bonnie had called her, but she couldn’t speak with her, so Damon had to explain.
“She’s not crying because of me, Bonnie.”
“Then because of whom?”
“Stefan. He’s changed. And you can hear his change from here.” He meant Elena’s tears.
“Damon, can you help her somehow?”
“We can return faster home. But I don’t think she’ll let me comfort her somehow. Because she doesn’t see anyone right now apart from Stefan.”
“I should’ve been there for her.” Bonnie said.
“It’s better that you aren’t. Trust me. You don’t want to see her like this.”
“Damon I think she should sleep for a while.”
“Yeah. Tell me about it.”
“No, I mean, put her on the phone and maybe I can cast a little spell to calm her down.”
“Ok. Elena, Bonnie wants to say something.”
Bonnie whispered some Latin words and there was her friend, she stopped crying, she fell asleep in Damon’s car.
“Elena, you look so beautiful when you’re sleeping. Actually, you always look so beautiful.” Damon told her. “Why did I help you at all to find Stefan? I should’ve known that you’d go after him, and you’ll get hurt because he is not anymore the Stefan you knew. But anyway, you’d go after him even if you had to go alone. I guess that’s why I came along. So that you wouldn’t be alone. I love you, Elena.”
In the next morning they arrived home and Elena woke up.
“Where are we?”
“In Mystic Falls. Bonnie is here to pick you up.”
“I left my car at your house, Damon. I don’t need to be picked up. I can drive myself.”
“You can’t Elena.” Bonnie said.
“I want to go alone.”
“Why are you trying to be strong? Why do you put these barriers around you?” Damon asked.
“I had a good teacher, didn’t I?”
“You can’t be blame me for this.”
“She’s hurt Damon. And you’re the brother of who hurt Elena.” Bonnie said.
“Yeah, I know, I’m always the other one.” Damon smiled, but Elena could see he was hurt. What she had done? Why was she so selfish? She though only about her feelings and Damon’s been there for here. Always. He’d even give his life for her.
“I’m sorry Damon. I’ll go with Bonnie.” She said at last and went forward to the car.
“That was strange.” Bonnie said.
“I know.” Damon replied surprised at what Elena had said. “I’ll drive her car back home a few hours later. It’s that ok?”
“Yes. Thank you, Damon, for taking care of her.”
A few hours later Bonnie and Damon went to Elena’s house.
“Elena, we have a great idea!”
“Actually it was my idea.” Damon said.
“Whatever.” Bonnie told him. “I can make a spell. Damon’s soul can get into Stefan’s body, and vice versa. Damon won’t have problems pretending to be a bad Stefan, and Stefan in Damon’s body could explain the real situation. What do you think?”
“Oh, Bonnie it’s a wonderful idea! What do we need for the spell?”
“Well, things belonging to Stefan and Damon. But we already got these. And some candles. And a book which I already have.”
“Ok, I’ll go find some candles.”
“We need them in different colors.”
“I’ll find some.”
Bonnie arranged the candles in a circle and put Damon’s and Stefan’s things in a bowl full of a bunny’s blood. She read some words in Latin and after she’d finished, Damon’s body began to shake.
“What’s happening? Is this normal, Bonnie?”
“Yes. I think so. This is when the transfer should occur.”

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