Monday, July 25, 2011

About sadness...

Sadness is like a waterfall... it's flowing through my veins like a river, and when it gets to its destination it just explodes in thousand of water drops that hit my face. I feel lost, but not lost in a place, lost in my own disappointments. Lost in the errors that were made by me, by someone else. It really doesn't matter. You feel your soul flooded.

I guess sadness has a connection with deception, disappointment, death, bad, break ups, lies, mistakes, but what hurts the most is when we are talking about two people, lovers, friends; it doesn't matter. But if one of them doesn't care enough then sadness can be very painful...

I don't want to talk about this. You would ask "why tell me then?" My answer is that I need to. Not because I need to tell someone, but I need you to understand how important is that you find the cause of your sadness and a possible solution. I know that in most cases it isn't one... but hope. Light an invisible candle and imagine the flame going bigger and bigger and surrounding you. The next time the waterfall will "explode" you'll be protected by the flames.

You'll ask "why give solutions to others and not to yourself?" But I have a solution and it's called "indifference". It's hard at first, but it's the best solution to a stone-heart world.

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