Friday, July 15, 2011

TVD - Chapter 2 - Part 3

Here is the last part of Chapter 2. Enjoy!

“Because you’re dangerous and… stupid and… thoughtless. That’s why!”
“But Elena loves danger. Don’t you, Elena?”
“I want to find Stefan and the only thing that I’m asking of you is to trust me.”
“No, Elena. I’m glad we’ve found you and either you’re going home with us, either you’ll take me with you.” Bonnie demanded.
“Or me.” Said Caroline and then smiled at Bonnie.
“No. You’re a vampire too Caroline, and sometimes you can be on Damon’s side.”
“Oh, come on, Bonnie.”
“I’m going alone with Damon. And that’s my last decision.” Elena said.
“I don’t agree with it and you know why. You can trust Damon that much. You saw what happened today.”
“Bonnie, I need to be on my own. What happened today it’s not going to happen again and if it does we’ll be prepared and we’ll find a way to escape.”
“Ok, if you’re so sure. But at least let us accompany you until the next city and if nothing happens we’ll go home.” Bonnie said.
“Ok, Bonnie. Thank you!” Elena hugged her and Caroline.
Back in Mystic Falls Jeremy was at the local bar. He was meeting with Tyler.
“Anna?” She was in front of him. “Are you for real?”
“You loved her!” Anna was pointing behind Jeremy to Vicky.
“Vicky?” He asked.
“You wanted me to die. You loved her more!”
“No, Anna, you know that’s not true. I wanted to work things out between us. And I never wanted you to die.”
“Yeah, sure!”
Anna pushed him and he fell to the ground. He wanted to ask them something but then the girls disappeared.
“Jeremy, are you ok?” Tyler asked. “Did you eat something?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I have a headache. Nothing more.”
“It looked to me like you were talking to someone.”
“No. I was just complaining that my head hurts. That’s all.”
“If you say so.”
Jeremy turned back to see if Vicky and Anna were still there and he could see that the girls were at the door and they were watching him with angry looks. He felt a chill going down his spine.
“What are you looking at?” Tyler asked.
“Nothing. Let’s go to the table.”
Back to where Damon, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline were, they got closer to Stefan. They were in the next town called Kernville and it was time for Bonnie and Caroline to leave. Thy have to go back home and let Elena and Damon travel alone again.
“I don’t want to just leave you here.” Bonnie cried.
“Don’t worry. Bonnie, I’ll be fine.” Elena said to her.
“She’s in my care now.” Damon told them.
“You better take care of her.” Caroline looked straight to Damon.
“Don’t worry. Nothing bad is going to happen.”
“Yeah, I’m sure of that.” Bonnie said.
“Please, Bonnie, Caroline, just have a little trust in him.”
“Fine.” Bonnie said and then she and Caroline left for Mystic Falls.
“Now were alone again.”
“Damon don’t act like something’s changed.”
“But of course everything changes.”
“And why is that?” Elena asked.
“Because we are alone.”
“Damon, what are you planning?”
He smiled a short killer smile and got closer to her so that he can see every detail of her face.
“I know you love danger, Elena.” He said.
“I love Stefan.”
“And danger too. My middle name is <<danger>>.”
“Damon, please stop with it.”
“No, I won’t because in your heart you know you want me.”
“That’s a serious accusation to make.”
“I already made it. What are you going to do about it, Elena?”
“Damon, it’s my life.”
“And you chose to live it with me for a while. Tell me the truth, why did you wanted to travel alone with me, Elena? Tell me why.”
“Because… I need you.”
“You need me for what?”
“Is it that I have entered somehow in your heart?”
“You are always in my heart. I need you because you’re my friend, Damon.”
“That’s bullshit! Lie to yourself Elena, but you can’t lie to me anymore. Lie to Stefan, lie to whoever you want!”
“Damon, please. You know I don’t love you more than a friend.”
“Oh, I think you do.”
He approached his face to hers. His lips were 4 centimeters away from hers.
 “Push me away now, Elena. Do it. Prove me wrong.”
But Elena didn’t push him away. Instead she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then she said.
“It’s time to leave. We have to continue our journey.”
Damon knew that she avoided Stefan’s name purposely.
“What Damon?”
“Why didn’t you say his name?”
“Forget it, Elena. Forget it.”
If Stefan was bad now maybe he didn’t deserve Elena either. Maybe Damon deserved her more than his brother did. Maybe now was his chance. But he’ll go easy, he’ll go slowly. “I don’t want her to suffer.” He told himself. But that was inevitable anyway. If that’s the case, then he’ll be her shield, her warrior, her hope, her tear, her everything.

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