Saturday, July 16, 2011

TVD - Chapter 3 - Part 1

Even if you don’t believe it, the journey of our favorite “almost couple” didn’t had any hot scenes, because Elena kept her head on the ground and as they were closing to Bridgeport she kept thinking about Stefan and only Stefan.
“Have you thought what are you going to tell him when we get there?” Damon asked.
“Yes. I want to know how things stand.”
“And how do you think they stand, Elena?”
“I don’t know. That’s why we’re finding him. I need answers.”
“You said you need me.”
“You know Damon what I meant then.”
“I don’t know. Tell me, Elena, what did you mean?”
“I meant that you’re my friend and that I really needed you on this journey and I’m grateful, Damon, for what you did for me.”
“What I did? I killed Jeremy, I killed Vicky, I hurt Bonnie in the past. What I did for you, Elena?”
“You sacrificed yourself for me. Like a few days ago… like when I and…”
“Stefan are together?” Damon continued. “Why do you believe I should sacrifice myself then when you have Stefan by your side?”
“Damon, you know what I mean. This journey must be hard for you.”
“Actually I’m enjoying it. After all, I am alone with you.” He smiled one of his killer smiles.
After a while he had to stop the car. In front of them was a figure.  Elena didn’t even think about it. She came out of the car without thinking and she hugged the man. Damon was shouting that she should be careful, but he knew too. They knew the man who appeared from nowhere was Stefan.
“Stefan, my love! I’ve missed you so much!” Elena cried.
He remained still, he didn’t hugged her back, he just stared in front. He stared at the car, or who knows if he actually was seeing something.
“Stefan? Talk to me, Stefan!”
“You and Damon should head back to Mystic Falls. You have nothing to do here, for the moment.” Stefan said harshly.
“And why we should do that?” Damon asked before Elena could say something.
“Because these lands are dangerous.”
“And you’ll let Elena get hurt?”
“Never! That’s why I’m telling you to leave. Now everything’s changed.”
“Stefan, why don’t you look at me?” Elena asked through the tears.
He just smiled and looked at Damon and made a sign with his hand that Damon should leave with Elena.
“Do you trust me little brother?”
“With what?”
“To be alone with her? You know, if you’re out of the picture I might actually do things.”
“Do whatever you want.” Stefan said. “But don’t touch Elena!”
“So you still care. Why don’t you return?”
“Damon, things got complicated. You should be happy. We don’t owe each other anything anymore.”
“C’mon Stefan. We’re not talking about us. We’re talking about Elena, here. Don’t you have anything to say about it?”
“No.” Stefan said calmly.
“Stefan what’s happening? You know you can trust me.” Elena said.
“Not much. I’m bad now as you can see. Oh, and I enjoy it.”
“Have you killed anyone?”
“Yes, Elena. I have. What’s that look on your face, Damon? Didn’t you wanted me to come to the dark side? Now, we’re brothers. You can be proud.”
“Elena, I think we should go.” Damon said.
“I’m not going anywhere! Can’t you see what they’ve done to him?”
“I think they done a beautiful job. Now I can embrace my nature. Finally.”
“Stefan, you talk like the old Damon, just a little exaggerated. We know it’s not you who’s talking.”
“Then who is it? Me?” Klaus asked coming from behind Stefan.
“You could’ve compelled him.” Damon said.
“And where would all the fun remain?” Klaus laughed. “Think whatever you want, but Stefan is free like a bird.”
“In a cage?” Damon challenged him.
“That’s why you end up dying, Damon. Even if you’re his older brother, Stefan is smarter than you. He doesn’t say stupid things that are crossing his mind.”
“Leave, Elena.” Stefan said.

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