Sunday, January 1, 2012

The end of the beginning

Well, I might be drunk... a little more than I want to admit and well.. I just discovered some things. Happy new year first !!!

I hope you're all felling happy in 2012 cause I'm not. I'm having fun right now but something is really missing. Maybe I'm insane, maybe I'm not at the right place, maybe I'm just drunk, but I feel alone. Just humans living on this planet, and it's kind of boring.

I spent the night at some friend's house and I went to the ghost house. I waited for them and nothing happened... Ghosts really don't exist or I was just expecting them too much? If until today was really just my imagination then I'm really doomed. I don't want to be alone. I want to be along some things that understand me. I think ghosts would do that. And if they don't I'd like them to exist. Now it's like 4 am in my country and I'm really depressed because nothing happened at the ghost house. God help me. Or the devil. I don't care. I just want ghost to exist. Is it really that hard !?

I want to know I'm not insane, I want to know I haven't imagined things, but who knows if I really did or not? Happy new year to all and sorry for this sad post...