Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freedom and Euphoria

Outside it's a lovely evening. The sun is long gone and I am losing myself in time. Memories flash back like an old movie. And some of them are not even memories at all, are my dreams.

I am waiting for summer impatiently and this night especially, and the music in my ears reminds me of freedom. Those moments when you can run, when you can hide, when you're laughing, and it doesn't matter if only one friend is beside you, it matters that you are the world. I am the world!

No matter how much you've cried, how much you've lost, you are free now! The whole world kneels before your eyes. It's one of those nights when you are happy no matter what lies ahead. The universe is looking at you with joy, and the stars are slowly appearing on the dark blue sky. Freedom is not yours. You are freedom!

No one can understand your euphoria, no one can win against your laughter, and start to imagine who knows what reason why are you like this. Only if they knew... only if they knew that you have no reason at all! It's just you escaping from reality, from this everyday nightmare. Now, you're living your own version of life. 

There is no more wrong or right in the world, there is no more suffering, just art, music and beautiful meaningless words. Beside this euphoria side of yours, there is something that bothers you, but for now you have buried it deep inside. Don't let it come to light, not now that the night has just begun.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Did you ever want a phone that is not just a simple one? You might dream of HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson or even Iphone. You may want a 1 Ghz processor, or maybe you want a dual core, who knows? You might dream of some HD video camera on that phone and maybe some cool effects.

Before buying one, you should first check forums for common issues. If the price of your desired phone lowers very much than you should not be thankful, but cautious. Probably there is a strong reason and it's not because the producers wants everyone to buy it. My guess would be that the phone has some serious problems and you can be 7 in 10 people who can experience it. 

I am writing this, because well I heart about 2 phones in particular that have some serious problems. One of them is Sony Ericsson Vivaz which I heard makes calls by himself and there is no locking screen when you have a conversation. But that you will have to figure for yourself, I didn't have the phone, so I can't actually say it's a bad product.


The second phone is HTC Desire S, which I personally bought, and after two months of using my motherboard crashed. I was downloading a few programs at the same time, and it froze a few times, I removed the battery, and it never started again. One thing will be that you should never remove the battery. Another thing is that you're the risk to have this phone in service a lot of times. Other users experienced the same problems. 

It's your choice. Maybe your new phone will work excellent, but I guess you'll need some luck for that.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vampire Diaries Season 3 - Opinions

Despite the fact I cried almost at all the episodes from this season I will cry at the end too, as Elena promised us a tragic ending.

I am displeased with the series. I wanted more episodes. I need at leas two for week to survive. I love their life. Although it's tough and there are a lot of sacrifices to be made, it's very interesting. This break they had for an entire month almost got me killed. And I don't expect the episode that's coming, because it's about the past. The past stays in the past, I want to know what will Elena and Damon do in the future.

We all got the point Damon was a bad boy for a long time, and Stefan had the ripper soul for a time too, but now I want to meet with their present life. I want to know how the tension between Elena and Damon will get, I need the consequences for their first real kiss!!!! And I need them to be close to reality, because as we all noticed there's a strong chemistry between her and the Prince of Darkness. 

Stefan is cool when he is bad, but if he becomes good again and will be with Elena, AGAIN, god that will be boring as hell (expect for the part that hell is not boring, but let's suppose it is). Their relationship is uninteresting because Stefan doesn't do anything. He just loves her and saves her. Damon's got charm and I like his spirit of adventure. Stefan is just numb, like a broken statue that sometimes moves mechanically. This season he had a better image though.

At first, I didn't like him, but how could I resist such a bad boy that loves and hates his family at the same time, that would kill everyone and yet you wouldn't know if he'd cry after or not. It's about Klaus. His personality convinced me he can make a good appearance for the story. His love for Caroline is also interesting. Until now we all liked Tyler for her, but now I'm starting to have doubts. They make such a hot love triangle! I love vampires with power, and Klaus got a lot! Although he becomes kind of soft lately, showing his human side, shows us that no vampire, not even Damon can resist the human's emotions and character. 

His brother, Elijah is a good friend for everyone. He looks like he has a stone instead of a head, but his emotions and thinking shows us he is not stupid. And here's a strong point for him: he's not a fool, like Klaus who didn't have any ideas about his mother's plans. Elijah suspected in his own way that things are not in a good place. I suppose he will eventually fade away, and in season 4 will be again with the main characters, without the originals. Maybe Klaus will stick around. 

Now, moving further, who I think would've had a great appearance is Kol. Although he has few lines to say, I can see that strong personality and stubbornness behind those wild eyes. He likes to have fun, and a lot! Like Damon used to. I believe he would make a strong rival. But looks like he seems without much power in the series although he is an original.

Rebekah is my favorite blonde! Caroline's sweet too, but Rebekah's bad, sexy, stubborn and sometimes it feels like she doesn't have a conscience. I like the wildness in her heart and this powerful will of having her family around and killing Elena, who let's face it: she is responsible for everything bad that is happening. But I will forgive her because she's beautiful and has a strong charming connection with Damon. Rebekah has some link with Damon, too, but in a way that doesn't involve serious relationships, thank god.

I know I talked a lot about the originals, but there is nothing interesting here despite them and well the bond between Elena and Damon. I'm not waiting for the finale, because I don't want it to end. It's too good to wait another summer for just an episode a week. I need MORE.

Here's an interesting link to a very good Delena story. It's not made by me, but if you like them, you'll fall in love with this little part of the unknown love of Elena and Damon.
http://ladysybilla.com/official-blog/tag/ian-somerhalder/  - Enjoy

Things are changing

Today I'm going to write about some strange things. For example, this year I've lost a lot of people. Or at least it feels like it. Another example is that this is my last year of high school.

So let's start with the losing of friends. It's not like I did something bad, or they did, but it just felt that our lives are no longer connected, not even from far away. It isn't an easy decision going further, but it's the only option I got. I wanted a tranquil year, and I didn't get it. Exactly the opposite. At least I had things to think about. Although, sometimes it feels better not to think about anything.

I wish I could turn back time to revive the moments again and again until I get bored, because I like life. Despite my tendencies of going for the pessimistic way, and the devil's side, I LOVE life! I like the bad parts too, and I adore when I can go through them totally numb, like I would be just a stander-by, like it wouldn't be my life, it would be someone else's and I would just look and see the facts on every side. 

As I like people (some people at least) I like to evaluate things, and because I have imagination I can create stories for them all. Sometimes I do that for me and I wonder what if I would've chosen differently? I am pleased with my every decision though. It helped me understand life as it is: not a fairy tale, not hell, not heaven, and definitely not for me. Well, looks like I understood what life is not. Sorry for the confusion. But I'm not disappointed with anything. Maybe just with things that are ending, because new beginnings await and I am afraid I won't be able to get used with them.