Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freedom and Euphoria

Outside it's a lovely evening. The sun is long gone and I am losing myself in time. Memories flash back like an old movie. And some of them are not even memories at all, are my dreams.

I am waiting for summer impatiently and this night especially, and the music in my ears reminds me of freedom. Those moments when you can run, when you can hide, when you're laughing, and it doesn't matter if only one friend is beside you, it matters that you are the world. I am the world!

No matter how much you've cried, how much you've lost, you are free now! The whole world kneels before your eyes. It's one of those nights when you are happy no matter what lies ahead. The universe is looking at you with joy, and the stars are slowly appearing on the dark blue sky. Freedom is not yours. You are freedom!

No one can understand your euphoria, no one can win against your laughter, and start to imagine who knows what reason why are you like this. Only if they knew... only if they knew that you have no reason at all! It's just you escaping from reality, from this everyday nightmare. Now, you're living your own version of life. 

There is no more wrong or right in the world, there is no more suffering, just art, music and beautiful meaningless words. Beside this euphoria side of yours, there is something that bothers you, but for now you have buried it deep inside. Don't let it come to light, not now that the night has just begun.

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