Monday, April 9, 2012

Love is the answer

Behind every smile is love. Whether it is love for a friend, lover, family, for a laughter, for a desire, it is love! And is everywhere we go. Even if we're talking about a devilish sexy smile, it's still love (maybe for the dark, for the wicked, for the devil, BUT LOVE). 

My question and yours have one single answer: love. We're both hoping for a dream to come true. We're both awaiting day by day for wonders to enter our lives. And they will, eventually, when we'll be ready to truly believe, when we would be able to accept the truth behind all the masks, when we can take that much happiness. You may be impatient as I am, but we know the most important secret: it's going to happen, it will soon be true. No more dreaming in our minds, it will become as real as you and I are. 

Nothing is impossible. My faith is eternal. I do believe in the one dream that will make me happy. And I hope that you also have a dream and eventually it will make us happy. This time, I know the end of the story: it's just a beginning of another beautiful story that will materialize into this world in the moment I will blindly believe.

There are no more questions left to ask, because love was the answer to all of them and I hope that love will take us on the right path. I am smiling now, because I know you'll be smiling too when you'll completely understand. 


  1. Can you please tell me who that girl is in the picture? I seriously have been trying to find the name of her. Love that smile

    1. She's just a random girl I found. I don't know her name. I wanted to search, but the picture didn't have a specific name.