Monday, April 16, 2012


First of all, happy Easter to all, wherever you're from!

What if I ever tell you I discovered perfection? Would you believe me? Would you say it's just another beautiful lie? But what if I had proof? What if I were to say that your life is perfect?

Today is raining and you wanted to go out with your friends. Another lost day, you may think. But, you really want to feel the wind and the outside world. You get the umbrella and go with your best friend. The rain stops slowly and you're so happy. You begin to take pictures of the kind of sad nature and you feel so filled with life! Convinced the sun will rise once again, you take a long walk with your friend. After a half an hour suddenly begins to rain heavily. Your umbrella doesn't serve you anymore, and you're like *poker face*. Your friend starts laughing as the rain pours from the sky like a mad river and you both start running back home and you think in your mind: another wonderful day. Yes, I agree, this is perfection.

Today you need to go to school. You have no interest in that. It was hard to wake up early in the morning and you're almost sleeping at your first class. A random person sends you a random message telling you that he hid the body and what should he do now. You know this joke for quite a time and it just bores you more. You decide yet to reply and you tell this person that the plan is perfect and he can go home and rest, considering the fact you can't. Oh, such pessimism! Finally, the bell rings and you're happy to relax a bit. You decide to go out with your friends, but when you're on the hall you trip over some old books and you fall. Everyone starts laughing and you're like *Oh, no! God, tell me this didn't happen*. And as you are in your agony, your crush comes and gives you a hand. He/She is laughing too, of course, but in a sweet way that makes you blush and feel even more embarrassed. But, the whole day is enlightened by his/her touch. And even you find the courage to get out from the classroom. Hey, stranger, this was a perfect day!

This is kind of personal. Today, like in the most past days you're obsessed with your favorite band. They will soon release a new album and you simply can't wait. You begin to make a collage with their pictures which kind of takes you more than an hour. You listen to their old songs, to the ones that captivated you from the start, to the ones that didn't, you begin to like things you didn't like about them. You decide you don't have enough pictures so you start searching. Suddenly an idea gets you and you discover the songs of their album earlier!!!! You're like *Brb. I'm going to faint....... Ok, I'm good now*. This was one of my perfect days. I hope it will be yours too, when you find something you really fancy.

P.S.  As you may have listened to the song, and actually heard the lyrics, you should now that you don't need to be saved by nobody. You have enough power to overcome a lot of things. I'm not saying don't ask for help, but don't expect anyone to go through your problems in your place. You are powerful enough to do that on your own. And if someone disappoints you, don't expect them to come back. Even if they do, they probably don't deserve your forgiveness. (I'm talking here about extreme cases, so please don't over-think this.) And if you disappoint, and you want to be saved, remember that you need first to stand up on your own to make the other person see that you actually improved and are ready for a new chapter. I won't say more, because I'm entering in another territory.

Wish you a perfect day, in the way that you understand perfection!

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