Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ever met happiness?


Sadly, there are people who don't know how to live. They don't appreciate the little things in their lives, they don't understand the essence of happiness. Dreams are the most beautiful things on earth. And a dream that comes to life it's pure paradise.

I invite you to enjoy the deepest joy in your heart. Don't ask me to tell you what could that be, because you're the only one who truly knows. Reach for your dreams like you would've already achieved them. It's so simple to be happy. Why refuse the best offer that the world has for you? And don't say that now things aren't going so smoothly, because this is just the beginning of the changes that are going to happen. You feel at your best when you reach the light at the end of the tunnel, but why not see the light now? Why don't you look in front of you and see the good things that await to be taken. 

Life it's easy if you believe it. Life has a lot to offer and we are only a part of it. Imagine how it feels when it's complete. Take a little time for yourself and imagine perfection. How good does it feel perfection(the way you understand it)? Don't think that you don't deserve it. You deserve the best, trust me, but only if you want it. 

If you haven't seen it, I recommend you the movie "The Secret". It's a documentary about positive thinking, and not just that, it's the explanation of why people are successful and how good things come into our lives. Of course, you have to make a little effort to think about the things that you like, that's the key, to concentrate on what you want, not on what you hate.

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