Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Maybe if you and I had met first"


 The Vampire Diaries' finale was pretty unexpected. I'll offer spoilers, so if you haven't seen it yet, better not read this post.

So, finally Elena made the choice. Of course, now things are changing, but she still chose Stefan.
"Maybe if you and I had met first" - well, sweetheart, you did met Damon before Stefan, after all. Now she's going to be the drama queen that just became a vampire. Julie Plec says she's going to transform (that was obvious anyway), and thank the writers and God, Klaus isn't dead! It's not that every vampire would've died, but come on, we all fell in love with Elijah-Klaus-Kol, besides the Salvatore brothers.

So now we have even more triangles. Until now it was Damon-Elena-Stefan, then we had Bonnie-Jeremy-Anna. The story went on with Tyler-Caroline-Klaus. Looks like we all fell in love with Klaus (I didn't even accuse him of trying to kill Elena, when he found out that she was connected to the bloody psycho Alaric). Looks like Tyler is losing territory. Yeah, he's hot, and he's been through a lot with Caroline, but the story is already old and boring. Klaus is the old hundred years bad guy with style.
"Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you'll turn up at my door and let me show what the world has to offer." - these are wise words said by Klaus, of course, to Caroline may come true sooner or later.

Almost every one of them has a good heart inside. Damon was the first that showed us, then were other whom we forgiven along the series. Now the only problem that remains is either the series will be worth watching, or because Elena is a vampire now, things are going to change, and the story won't have the same effect, but I doubt that, because of the script writers, and of course our favorite characters that impressed us until now.

So we'll wait season 4, with the same impatience like we waited for season 3, last summer. Now, I'd like to be a little harsh and say that Elena really deserved to die. All these seasons she kept us in the dark considering her decision of choosing between Damon and Stefan. She always was the most protected one. Everybody else just had to die so she could be saved. In 14th episode, she says to Damon that he cares too much. We were all angry how could she have said such words, but looking now at the end of the season, she was right. And not only Damon cares too much, but Stefan, too. And this is kind of sad, because she doesn't deserve it anymore. She says that they don't let her decide, but she's always making her decisions despite anyone's opinions. And if only the guys would care about her, that would be fine. But Caroline, Bonnie - they love her too. It's just too much. She doesn't deserve it anymore.

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