Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music subliminal messages

Just saw some random YouTube video about commercial music, and their subliminal messages. There are a lot of lyrics about Illuminati and dark cults and the devil of course. It's kind of worrying, not because we'll be some robots and let others think for ourselves (I hope so at least), but because I don't like listening to messages that have no meaning in any song. 

Anyway, there are things we don't know what they mean, and that's best. But I'm afraid for our subconsciousness, because it's quite fragile. If you listen to commercial music, be careful because the strange messages maybe you won't understand but those messages about sadness definitely will have an effect. I'm not going to give examples of any music, because it's your choice if you want to look into it, or be ignorant and listen to what you listen. Anyway, if you're listening to let's say unknown bands, there's a less chance you'll find subliminal messages, because they're not looking for fame in a weird way. 

We're used to subliminal messages on advertisements, we don't need them in our music too. 

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