Friday, April 13, 2012

Music is my soul

"I don't know you... but it's alright..." *singing*

You, like almost people in the world have a band or a singer that you like their songs so much you could listen forever to them and never get bored. You know that feeling when you're listening to their new album or single, that feeling of joy and euphoria and fury because you want more and more songs from them.

My favorite band is The Ramus. They're from Finland and I've got to admit that northern bands have something unique in their music. I'm not saying other don't have, but there's a high chance of finding a special band from the North. 

It happens at night when I can't sleep, when I can't stop thinking about the next day or other things to want music. And with the right songs I fall asleep in a few minutes. I hate that I never remember what was the last song I listened to. Anyway, from the millions of songs, I know I'm waiting for some that are special.

And when I have nothing to do, I can't find myself, or I don't know what to write about I know that music will always get me on the right track. And I have a strong connection with the sounds and when I find my soul in the lyrics then I really like that song! 

Because I can't help it I'm going to link to The Rasmus' latest hit: I'm a mess. Their newest album is going to be released on 18 April. OMG! Just 5 more days and I can't wait!

Now, ignoring my obsession for this band, I'm going to post a song I discovered recently. She's the favorite singer of Lauri Ylonen, lead singer of The Rasmus, but don't mind me. I don't like her because she's his favorite, but because this song in particular gives me an interesting feeling.

The lyrics are written by Bjork and I'm glad that someone finally agrees with me: " I have seen water, it's water, that's all..." It's not like I wouldn't want to see Niagara Falls, but I hate to know the names of a thousand rivers at geography. Come on, it's just water! Anyway I don't fancy the song because of this part but it has something cosmic, a feeling of peace, but of sadness, a feeling of knowing it all and yet knowing nothing. 

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