Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TVD - Chapter 2 - Part 1

The Vampire Diaries Chapter 2. This chapter will be about Elena and Damon's journey. I won't write all the chapters about them... it's just that I'm a little obsessed right now. But I promise that Chapter 4 will be a total surprise for everyone.

They drove all night. Elena fell asleep for a while. Damon was looking at her bare skin, such a beautiful face she had. And she looked like an angel when she was asleep. She looked like she was his. But Damon knew Elena belonged to Stefan. But maybe one day that will change. Maybe he’ll change that himself. After an hour or so Elena woke up.
“Where are we?” She asked.
“Not as far as you’d like to be. We’ll stop here for a while. Is a bar where I have some friends. Oh, and we’re out of town so that you know.”
“I don’t think I like your friends too much.”
“Don’t worry Elena, you’re with me? Remember?” He smiled his killer smile for a few seconds then returned to his grim face but always handsome.
Damon talked to some of his friends, had a few drinks and found out that was the bar where Mason had turned into a werewolf.
“His, friend, Katherine, compelled one of his best friends to challenge him and fight till death.” A vampire said.
“Such a good friend he had.” Damon replied smiling his ironic smile.
“Yeah, and then she came and pretended that she was there to help him.”
“So Katherine all she wanted from the beginning was to have a werewolf for Klaus. Or for her. It doesn’t matter at all. That’s Katherine.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” The vampire replied. “She got me with her lies for a time too.”
“Who hasn’t she got, I wonder?”
Later Damon and Elena went to a hotel to sleep for a few hours and to have a bath. They took only a room due to lack of money from Damon.
He took a long shower and then appeared in front of Elena with a towel.
“You look…” She started.
“Gorgeous? Extremely beautiful? Handsome?”
“Funny” Laughed Elena. “I think you drank too much.”
“I feel fine. And it’s ok if you don’t want to admit this attraction between us. I can live with that.”
“Damon, what attraction? You know I love Stefan.”
“Oh, I’m sure you do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to someone else too.”
“Damon, you know I’m not like that.”
“All I know is that we have strong chemistry. Can’t you feel it Elena? You really can’t feel it?”
“Damon, please stop. Just get dressed.”
“In front of you?” He gave her one of his killer’s smile. “Ok, if you want it.”
“No, Damon! Wait until I get to the bathroom.”
“And then I come too?”
“No! Damon, please stop it!”
“Fine. But you’re still remaining my princess of darkness.” He said it in a lower voice.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing… just nothing.”
But Elena had heard. And she was sorry, she was sorry that she couldn’t feel the same for him. Damon was a good person despite all his sins, all his hatred. And he loved her, only her, not Katherine, not other girl that he’d been with. Elena sometimes felt that the love Damon felt was stronger than the love Stefan felt. But she knew that couldn’t be right. Stefan was just less dangerous, less impulsive and he loved her as much as Damon did, or maybe more. But Damon had sacrificed so much for her. He’d live to see her and Stefan getting along. He’d seen them hug, kiss. If roles where changed someday, and Elena would love Damon, would be Stefan so comprehensive about them?
Elena had a bath and when she returned to the room Damon was lying on the floor.
“Damon! Wake up! What happened? Damon!?” She was screaming.
But Damon didn’t wake up. And then a couple of vampires entered the room and kidnapped her and the gorgeous Damon. After they hit her in the head with something, Elena lied unconscious for a few hours in a cave tied up and in front of Damon.
“Elena. Elena, are you ok?”
“I think so. Where are we?”
“In a cave. I don’t know. I’m sorry Elena. I failed to protect you.”
“You wanted to stop by a bar where your <<dear friends>> were.”
“I stopped at the bar because I had to find out something about Katherine. I’ll tell you later. Now, we need to escape.”
“Damon, they’re coming.”
“What do we have here? Friends of Klaus.” Damon said harshly.
“Yes. He asked us to check on you.” A vampire said.
“How considerate of him. I wonder, what’s his plan this time?”
“No plan. He knows already that you’re trying to find Stefan. But better back off.”

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