Friday, November 6, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL

In some countries you'll find this model with 8 mp on back camera, in others with 13 mp (which would be normal). The name is the same for every model out there. No letters or numbers to let us know the difference. That's a bad move, Asus, very bad! In other cases you'll find differences between the battery capacity: one version has 2080 mAh and another version 2400 mAh.

Poor those who got the version with 8 mp camera, and 2070 mAh battery life. People on youtube and the internet in general, love the version of 5.5" (ZE550KL). That's bad again, because I don't want a screen that looks like my 7" tablet. That's why tablets were invented. I don't have big hands, or face, and I'd like to hold a phone to my ears, not a tablet. 5" inches will always be enough for me. I can't make tests on this phone. Only if I buy it. And I would totally buy it. But I need to know that battery life is at least 4 hours of screen time. All I ask is 4 hours. In the past, my phone used to have those performances. Now I'm lucky if I get almost 3 hours.

Why do you like so much big phones? They don't even fit in my pockets. I need a bag to carry the phone with me. I can't sit down with such a phone. At least, make something pliable, dear companies. I admit I like a big screen, but not on my phone. I don't carry my tablet every day. It would be hell if I did. I like the new notebooks 2 in 1, they are small and great. That is a real invention, not the phablets. I know there are many enthusiasts for phablets, and I respect you guys, I just want my part of this Android world, with phones that are 5" maximum.

I'm not saying I'd ever give up Laser's screen for Sony Z1 Compact screen of 4.3", but for the battery life maybe I would. The rest is debatable. I expect great performances from a phone. I need to play games, listen to music, chat on social networks, talk on the phone, write messages, stare at my screen (I like staring at any touchscreen, I know it's almost a disease). And I need that all these actions keep my phone up for a day. I'm not asking for two days (what I would get if I'd buy a Sony device), I am just asking for a day of full usage by a maniac. I am not saying I'll stay 10 hours on the phone. 4 hours are enough.

I am so crazy I am writing an article about a battery from a phone I never held in my hands. If you, reader, are in possession of such a phone, please go to Settings->Battery(or whatever that's called on your devie)->Screen and tell me how many hours of activity on the screen you got after a full day and how much battery left. Of course, provided you have 2070 mAh battery. Otherwise, thank you, but don't bother. I know the 5.5" is quite good on battery life and since in my country the 2400 mAh on the 5" inches model doesn't exist, I don't really need any benchmarks.

The processor, SnapDragon 410 sounds great. On Xperia M4 Aqua it heats the phone very much, but that's the only device that I found with such problems.

I need to find myself a new obsession as I know everything that's on the internet about this one, right? Well, here begins another story of mine, but that's for next time.

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