Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Smarphones: Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Apple, Meizu, Sony!

I am a total maniac this year about smartphones! Don't get me wrong, I own some sort of entry level phone with android 4.0, that can't handle 3d games well enough and hence the evolution of smartphones is going so fast, I need a new phone. I know this is totally different from what I usually write, but I need to write it somewhere or I will die eating smartphones (joking). I will become a zombie who will eat smartphones, not brains. So this is an article based on my obsessiveness about phones and a few tricks I picked along the way. I am hard consumer to please.

Let me start at the beginning. Apple. I don't like the Iphone. I know it's simple, elegant, does its job, but  I need freedom, complexity and customization. Things the Iphone, no matter how sweet it is, can't give me.

Now I shall continue with Samsung. Except a few great models like S5, Note5, S6 (not edge, not + or edge+) the rest are just garbage. Samsung puts its lower devices at a high price, while other brands offer more at a lower price. The most known device I think it's the Core Prime. This phone would've tempted me if it would've had IPS screen (I can't really hope for Amoled). But the Core Prime, except for it's like-always-Samsung-design (which I don't fancy - all their devices look with round edges or like blocks - ouch that was harsh for the Samsung fans) doesn't have anything new to bring to the market.

Now I am going to make a big parenthesis and ask you: have you ever heard of Meizu? I am sincerely afraid to touch one of these (of course, if you are living in China I think it would be a great phone). I love Google Play. Google Play is my life. What if I buy a Meizu device and I'll have problems activating Google Play? I know there are many tutorials out there explaining everything, but I am not a big fan of change (although Android Marshmallow looks fantastic).

I wanted to buy Amazon Fire Phone. It was on sale on some stores and it absolutely felt perfect. But then again, not Google Play compatible (although you can install it without rooting the phone). It's not worth my time. I hope that those of you who have these problems solved them with ease.

Let's get back on track. I love Lenovo. I own a laptop-tablet from Lenovo (IdeaPad A10 - if it's the one with nondetachable screen with android 4.1 then that's the one) and I believe they have great laptops (Asus is still on the first place for me). I looked into many smartphones from Lenovo (found out A6000 is a failure; S60, S70, P70, P90, Vibe X2 look really great, but the updates? Horror! A couple of days ago it was announced some terminals will get the lollipop version (I'm not really interested which ones - search on Google).

Sony is the best company so far. But their terminals are so high priced. Looked into the M4 Aqua for a while. Quite the device I'd say. With SnapDragon 810 sounded amazing. But the phone overheats so much. So what can I do? Just give this one up. Then, I looked into Z1 Compact. This would've been the perfect phone if it had 5 inches display. But seriously, 4.3 inches and home and back buttons on the screen? At least, Lenovo got the decency to put them under the touchscreen. But Sony has the latest updates for its devices. Except of course, my dear Z1 Compact. I don't recommend Z1 or M2 Aqua, they seem rather not well-built devices.

Now I am hunting Asus Zenfone 2 and Laser. The versions with 5.5 inches seem too big for me. And the 5 inches versions don't have the same performances: a slower processor, less rom. It's quite frustrating. The battery on Laser it's not that good compared to Lenovo P70 or Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Asus excels in computers and I appreciate this company for it. Also, the latest terminals will receive updates to Android 6.0.

I need a phone with the specifications of many devices combined. For example I'd pick the 400 mAh battery from Lenovo P70, combine it with a high resolution of at least 300 dpi on an IPS screen or Amoled (even better), put an octa-core processor of 2.2 Ghz SnapDragon 812 (the latest, I think), put 3GB of RAM, 32gb flash storage (16gb is acceptable too) and make it 5 inches, at dimensions of 135 x 80 x 10 (thickness can vary - I just put a random number, but I wouldn't mind if it would be thicker than 1 cm).

Of course, the Ara Project

More detailed view on some of these models will soon be posted (as I am a zombie who eats phones for dinner). As you have noticed I didn't say anything about WindowsPhone or Blackberry. I respect Blackberry for it's qwerty keyboards and innovative design, but it's not a choice for my needs. WindowsPhone is just... how do I put this so I won't offend it? Well, you get the idea.

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