Monday, October 31, 2011


Of course I had to write something about this day. In my country is not celebrated and I'm sorry for that, because I think it's a way to escape routine.

A part of October and a part of November represent the month Heshvan in the Jewish calendar which has no religious holiday. It's the only month in the whole year with no religious holiday. Halloween is considered something dark, spooky and some say it's unorthodox, but I see it as a party, something fun, a way to do something different.

It is said that today it's the best day for communicating with spirits. The line that separates the living from the dead is very thin. I don't intend bringing some army of the dead, or zombies, I'm just curious about the unseen and unknown. I know, you're going to say that curiosity killed the cat, but the cat was curious about the dog, and well dogs hate cats in general, so the dog killed the cat, but we're not interested in that. I wonder what ghosts do in this very special day. Do they try to communicate with us? Can they have more power than usual? I guess there's not an official answer to that, but somewhere, someone knows these things. 

I'm sorry that I won't do anything special this Halloween, maybe watching a few horror movies, eating chocolate and making some spooky pictures. But I believe that in some part of this world, it doesn't matter where, if it's official or not, something really exciting will happen. Maybe people will see a ghost, maybe destinies will change and I'll wait to find out the mystery.

I'm not superstitious, I'm not a satanist, I'm christian and I believe in the supernatural. This world is huge and so complex, so it's not possible to have just normal things happening around it.