Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The ugly truth

I'll tell you a story that I've written. Not all of it of course. There were once two vampires and they were seeking for love. Each one found a girl. The girls were not perfect, but they got along with mistakes, with joy until one day. The second vampire finds out that his love was cheating on him. She had a lover that was her actual boyfriend that lived abroad. He gets mad and kills them both. That's not called love. The first vampire thinks he's in love and gets killed by the girl that he once helped.

What I want to point out is that they didn't love each other. Their love was just casual dates with some feelings, but nothing special, nothing to last. I wanted to create a love story, but I couldn't because their relationships were too simple. I needed complicated stories and fights for this "true love" that they were so madly seeking. Later, they discover a lot of interesting things about life and that's why the story goes on. And I always keep their love life at a miserable level, so they'll never get boring.

Let me give you an example, so you would understand better. In Vampire Diaries most fans love Damon and Elena's story, but if Damon was Stefan, they would've died to see Stefan and Elena. We like to have things we can't. We say we like simple things, but we love to stay awake at night and think about our stupid complicated lives. We need to be entertained or we lose the interest. As long as Damon and Elena won't be together they'll remain the main subject, but now that Stefan can't be with Elena too, fans are changing sides, because let's face it we love the bad Stefan. 

So the ugly truth is that we can't be happy just by feeling it. We need action and drama.


  1. Noooo..I don'tlove the bad Stefan . I love DELENA <3 but yeah ..we like the drama...sometimes.

  2. yes, but drama kills and will get you tired. So I prefer no drama but more action:))

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  3. I prefer action with a little drama, maybe a little more :)