Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer ended...

This summer things have changed. I learned that ghosts exists and that "forever" is a difficult promise to keep. Tomorrow school starts for me and I just want to sleep.

I discovered that my friends who needed help now they have helped themselves. Everything is fine for everyone and maybe the same. But not for me. You'll say that I'm the one who needs help, but trust me I can handle it, whatever it is, what I really need is sleep, lots of hours of sleep. I usually don't write things like this on my blog, but I got the feeling that I should.

Maybe you think I'm depressed because school starts, but it's much more than that. No, it has no connection with the ghosts that I heard... or saw or whatever. I think all this changes are coming from inside me, from my young heart that wants to fly. Last summer I flew, this summer I grew up. 

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