Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hatred and Despair

Lie to me, lie because you know I know, but you want to forget. Drag me to hell, but refuse to say where we are going. Oh, where are we going? In my hell today, in yours tomorrow. In my mind you are a cockroach and I squash you a million times.

Lie to yourself because you can't stand reality, your sins are not so evil, but your mind has mysterious intentions, you wanna kill, kill, kill! And I want the same, you see we are made for each other, but, yet, we pretend to be angels with our sweet black&blue puppy eyes.

And I want you to scream my name in terror, like a suffering soul covered in a bloody scenario. And you want to rip the life out of me. You find yourself in these words and you don't want to admit it, and yet you wonder how is it possible that I know every thought of yours, every move, every desire. 

Hatred is such a beautiful feeling, you embrace it every night and you hold it tight like you love it, and you lie awake filled with a warm smile on a bloody carpet. You love this feeling. Such contradictions are in your mind and you want more and more hatred. You would do anything to have it in your hands to make shapes of it. We know the face of death, we know what's in hell or in heaven, but you wanna know the face of hatred. Maybe you are that face. Now you're laughing in terror knowing that I found your secret.

You devour hell. Why isn't it enough for you?

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