Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have been again...

This house it really calls me.I returned to my cousin and I visited the house again. I couldn't sustain myself. I think me and a friend are the only ones who the phantom calls so desperately. My cousin entered just for a few seconds in the house. Well, actually in the yard because the house it's locked.

So skipping to the events.I just saw a shadow, a light gray shadow passing in my left side when I was taking pictures of a window.I don't know if it was my imagination, but I guess it wasn't because I just feel it was something. It's hard to explain why.Maybe I believe and I know I'm not crazy. I know because I wasn't the only one who knows there is something.

My friend saw a girl beside a window dressed in white with her white hair and he saw it twice.It is said that rarely two people see the same thing at the same time, so even if I didn't saw it I believe him. He was really scared. Last time he acted cool until he went there alone and saw a crying woman looking at him. From that moment he became more scared even than I was ever.

Earlier I said I took pictures... well, they're not very clear because it was almost dark, and I didn't had a professional camera, not even one with a led flash. I took them with my LG Cookie. Stupid phone. But we weren't talking about that. Maybe we are crazy and we saw things that aren't there.Here is the picture... And if you don't see it, in the second I've marked the spot...

You'll have to see full size. Hint: On the middle  window which I want to say it's  actually a replacement with wood.

I've modified the contrast maybe you can see it better...

I was wearing a cross and it was still day and I said "What if doesn't appear anything else if I'm wearing this?" and I took it off... I don't know if that was me thinking or it was something more. When I got home I saw that my necklace was tangled. It took me a lot of time to get it back to normal. It had two knots. We also heard noises from a building where my friend saw the girl. They were like someone was in the house and was doing something. I don't know how to explain. They were like lousy cracks, they were like two, and later on we heard another noise which was coming from the well. Oh, and some months ago the well hadn't water and now it had. We also heard noises from the attic. I say maybe they were mice but my friend is sure they weren't. I don't know what to believe, but there is definitely something! 

When we had to leave we had to pass by a window in which my friend saw the woman when he was alone. He suddenly became very scared and he said he didn't want to jump the fence from there, but I tried to convince him it's ok. When we got closer to the window he made a few steps backward and he was very scared. I said "Come on, nothing is going to happen. God will protect us." As soon as I said the word "god" he started moving forward. I had the courage to look at that window.and I didn't saw anything. I couldn't take a good look but it was nothing so far.

I wasn't as scared as I was the first time when I saw or heard something from the house, but I don't know why I wanted more. I still do.

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