Friday, August 19, 2011

The last visit...

Ok, I have been again at that house. I know for sure there is something, I found out the story from someone. It's a horror story of course... and the house not only that's haunted but I found out that's cursed too. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want anymore.

It didn't happen something bad... just one thing that shocked us all. The front porch was open. It had a lock that was unlocked and no one came or left from there... and after we visited the house, some time later, after I also left my cousin's house the door was again locked.

It wanted us to go there. It didn't want us to jump the fence... we were their guests and they treated us well. I'm not disappointed in anything I did, but these are the last words. I'm not ever writing about that house. Its somebody else's story there and I don't have the right to tell like it would be my story. My only story is that I have been to a haunted house, and it was fun, scary and again fun, but where things get complicated I better back off. I'm leaving things like this. They deserve their privacy and I deserve mine. 

I wanted to share my experience... now it's over. Forever, or, until next year when I'll visit my cousin again *evil laugh*.

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