Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Darkness within

I think I discovered darkness. It has no face, but desire. It has no language at all, it's all in the deepest of your heart. It's no use to say "no", it's no use to say "yes" it simply stands there before you and it has no conscience. 

Darkness has no color, no end, no beginning. It doesn't embrace you, though. You embrace it with all your soul. You can chose this path, you can fool yourself it's not you who's deciding, but then, wouldn't you be a little childish? If it's not you who's making decision. who is then? Don't tell me it's God nor the Devil. Don't tell me it's your friend.

This darkness brings happiness and it fills your heart. I'm sure anyone experienced this at least one time in their lives. I guess it took me long enough to realize it's about dark, it took me long to figure it out I was the one who made the choices. It's like I would listen to my dark angel, not the one sent by God. And I want to let you know he doesn't want me to fail, he wants to see me up high with my dreams fulfilled. You may say I'm crazy, you may say I'm a satanist, but you know it's not true. You've experienced this before, even if not at the same intensity.

As I was saying, I discovered darkness, but I don't wish people to suffer. At least not all the people :) 

Happy Holidays!

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