Friday, April 8, 2011

The last person on earth

Today it rained a lot. Rain reminds me of sad days. The sky was so dark, unclear and the wind whispering rain drops felt like it was almost hitting me. And I wanted to stay outside in the wet weather and feel the cold water. But I didn't do it. I always liked rain and at the same time I hated it. Strange feelings came in my mind.

I am wandering in this world now, and it's only me. Yes, I'm the only person left of this planet! Have you ever thought of that? Never crossed my mind, just hundreds of times! What I would do first? I would try to contact anyone. See if that's actually true. I'll open my computer and I will log on in every possible site that I know of and try to find someone. If I don't get an answer, I'll run in the streets and scream "Can anybody hear me?". But nobody will hear me after all. Then, I'll go to friends' houses, and see if they are there, but of course, they won't be.

Am I going insane? No, I'm just alone. I can do whatever I want. I can visit every country. I can own thousand cars, houses, hotels, cities, everything now is mine. I can even eat free whatever and whenever I want. Isn't now boring? No, not at all. But I'm still thinking about finding someone else. But what if I won't like that "someone"? Maybe for the moment, it's better not to find anyone at all.

I keep wandering the streets, eating ice-cream, running free and I am heading to the pet-shop! How come I didn't think of this before? I want a dog to accompany me in this journey. I don't want to be alone!

P.S. Did you ever think of being the last person in this world? Wouldn't it be fun? At least until you get insane :)

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