Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stepping into the day of tomorrow

Stepping into the day of tomorrow. What this could mean? Intelligence, science, experience, aliens? The word could be very simple: evolution.

Mankind built across the years buildings, invented different cures for many illnesses, progressed into science. Where could lead us all of this evolution tomorrow? Well, of course very far. Don't worry if the world is ending though, you could book yourself a room in the Ark Hotel, a Russian project. This Hotel will be a floating city resisting any disaster that could happen. Inside the building is a paradise. It has a system which can collect water for the daily necessities, it has a botanical garden destined to provide food and air. Alexandr Remizov is the head of this project and sustains that the ark is a independent system of life.

Another bigger creation will be The Digital Cloud which should be finished until 2012. Although is still an utopia it should have solar power and is destined to be the best attraction in Olympic Village in 2012. I've mentioned this because the idea seems interesting and the human eye loves to see beautiful, yet kind of impossible things coming true.

The next invention: the electric plane. The Romanian Calin Gologan is going to show us that Elektra One, the first electric plane has a lot of benefits. It's not a joke, nor a sarcastic observation. The big step will take place at the end of may, when he's planning to take off Elektra One. We wish him good luck and hope he with other German workers know what they're doing.

How I see the day of tomorrow? First, I'll live in a house which can do some chores on her own, a robot maid who can get me anything at any time I want, a robot pet which can be bathed and fed if you wish to. Second, beautiful parks for us to enjoy and of course, and last but not least, lots of jobs for everyone so that anyone can make a contribution to this world.

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  1. I started reviewing your old posts. I liked your wish of tomorrow and I also have a wish that there will not be capitalism or any government structure anymore and everyone would work not for the money but for the good cause!

    Hope you are progressing in your decisions,

    Come back again I just posted a new post today,