Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome to Hell

I'm not good at writing about good things. It's not because they're not happening in my life, but I just can't express my beautiful scenarios of the world. Maybe because the world isn't beautiful with humans in it. I guess that's why almost everyone goes to hell. They deserve it. 

My dear, friend, welcome to hell! Here you will find everything you need: lust for your body, suffering for your soul, broken hearts (enjoy that you're also allowed to break other hearts), mind numbing, and a lot of opportunities lost. Even though there are a few disadvantages, I'm sure you'll like it here very much. You know what makes me so sure? The hatred in your heart. You can't deny it. You can't deny your desire to make right in your life, even if that means stepping on other people.

Here, in this "paradise" no one condemns you. You are free! Finally free! What are you waiting for? Enjoy the dust you were made of! But wait! That's not everything. You also get to have wings. You can be beautiful, you can sleep all you want, you can have everything you desire. You just have to do a little thing for someone. You need to understand the devil, as he understands you when you're crying, when you're laughing. He knows your deepest secrets. It's time to know his. Yeah, I guess this is the hardest part, but will you fight?

You're still saying it's not worth fighting for? Then what is it worth? Who do you want to be? Yourself or somebody else? Do you want to have power or you want to be a nobody? You have to make a difference. But you can't, because you're just like everyone else: mean. And if you're still good, you won't be for long. Say I'm wrong. Say it with all your heart. 

... I still can't hear you.

... Not even now.

... Guess what? You've been accepted to hell! Go on and celebrate!

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