Friday, August 17, 2012

Like yesterday

I know it's kind of old, but I love this song. It reminds me of things that are ending or already ended, of things that I need to run from or other that I want to run to...

It reminds me of all the people that I want to kick out of my life and of all the trouble that we go to make new friends, to keep friendships and to end them.

And last, but not least it reminds me of those love stories that you want to run from. Someone that you loved, but disappointed you and you want them out of your life.

I guess sometimes things happen, and not necessarily happy things... I don't love you like I did yesterday... And maybe as we forget to love life, friends, family, a lover, life also forgets to embrace us with joy. 

There was I time I tried to put a smile on my face nonstop, but finally my wall is down. One cannot pretend for the rest of his life. I am not made of steel. I don't regret what happened, I regret what didn't happen, I regret the opportunities I had to save people... to save me. I regret I lost a friend. I regret I lost maybe more... Lovers come and go, but friends are made to be there forever. Looks like not anymore...

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