Saturday, August 4, 2012

Commitment Issues

Both words with capital letters, because it's a common problem these days. People falling in love for a day or two, having a short relationship and then they feel like they should move on.

To begin a relationship is hard. You over-think about the first "I love you", sometimes the other person says it too early and you're like "I only love myself", you're afraid you'll get bored. Anyway, after you got over these little actions, there comes the hard part. Let's say you have a few weeks, and things start to get serious. You're afraid it's just in your mind and you become confused. Or what if you can't live without that person anymore? That's scary. 

Did you ever play The Sims 2 or 3? Well, if you did... and you made a perfect family of you and your crush, god forgive you because it's a terrible mistake. First of all, you're extra happy that you and your crush are finally together, and after some time you'll see that you'd be with that girl/guy in real life, and the fairy tale will forever end, because reality was never as in your dreams. Secondly, you'll go on a killing spree in your game if things aren't going the right way, and that it's not good for your health. Nope.

I know you're going to try now the idea because I told you it works (for me it worked almost every time - tried 3 times, 2 times worked till now) and it was a mistake. Thank you third guy because you didn't let me get to know you, so you'll be a nice memory forever. 

Anyway, people are saying that if you love someone you don't know much, it's not love. Trust me, it's love. It can be love because you imagine your guy/girl perfect and you make a lot of imaginary situations in your head and every time you're thrilled to the core, and that my friend is a beautiful feeling that no one, but reality, wants to break. So, thank you, boy for not letting me fall from my snow globe. 

As you may have noticed it seems like I share your commitment issues. I'm afraid I do. It's not because I can't keep a long relationship, I'm not too confident in love because I really haven't met the right person. I guess I'm afraid that I'll ever find it (yeah, "it" because it takes a lot of effort to materialize into "him").

If things get serious too early and you don't feel comfortable, don't be afraid to put an end. Sometimes, some things are not meant to be. And if you don't intend to fight, then don't push destiny. It may lead you to wrong places. 

These commitment issues are more of a problem of trust. And if you trust your loved one, there's nothing that you can't reach. Fortunately, I still have faith in people, maybe a lot of them lost it forever, but it was just to make room for others who deserve it. Life it's not easy, but as we all go in death, you should live it with all your strength and joy.

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