Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A memory


I said I would smile but I couldn't. Your eyes were too cold. Your face was like a wall filled with lies but I could see right through it. I could see the emptiness in your soul. 

I wanted to see you from the depth of my heart, but you were as numb as I last recall. So therefore I couldn't sketch a smile. I don't even remember if I blinked. It was as painful as ever seeing my greatest failure, my only weakness.

I promise you no one will ever know this. Haa, of course I don't intend to keep it. What did you expect when there's no ending and no beginning at all? I know there is better for me, and I will leave. No more turning back for you, lost memory. 

I said I would smile, but there was no reason for it. We should turn away from the things that don't make us happy. You didn't smile either, stranger...

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