Sunday, June 24, 2012

Being a geek in the last minute


  This is kind of a personal experience. This year I'm finishing high school so I need to take my Bachelor's Degree. I have to admit I haven't been learning much over the year, and I have one week until the paper tests (real challenge) begins. Today I have learned all day. I have been rejecting invitations to go out (although I really needed a sunbath and a walk in the park, or a dance in a club) but NO! So after learning at Romanian (yeap I'm from Romania) I found myself talking alone in English, which sometimes I do but voluntary, this time I haven't realized I was talking. So I went and told my mom she's got to take me to the doctor because I haven't opened the computer all day. I mean... me... to stay an hour without the PC turned on? Come on, where am I, in a cave? I turned it on I'm afraid at 7 pm and that hurt. If I'm going to do this all week, I'm going to go insane. And after a break of playing Need for Speed Underground (I know, very old game, but my favorite after NFS:MW) I had to learn at English. After that I think I went insane. Not literally. I think.

Anyway... I'm writing this post to share the feeling of doing everything in the last minute. God I have to learn the whole year at three subjects!!! Thank god I'm good with history. And thank god I still have a week I hope I'll be in the mood to learning so much now...

I have seen that my friends are working at the same pace: being totally cool and they freak out these days :)) Anyway, we're still calm because we have left a WEEK, imagine that: a week filled with 12 hours a day (actually 24 - but at least 10 hours I sleep ... and well 2 hours of break?) that I can spend learning all the lessons I have just pretended to until now. 

You may have noticed I sound a little panicked :)) but believe me I'm not. I feel sorry for my mind that is going to speak non-sense starting tomorrow:)) but that's not such a big tragedy. 

So, hello Euphoria xD


  1. if you tell me that you studied for more than 2 hours every day...

  2. That's the problem. I didn't study when I was supposed to, but I handled everything well until now. These days I don't want to know how many hours I spent studying :))