Saturday, June 16, 2012

For writers/future writers


Those who don't write can also read. Remember, curiosity didn't kill the cat. It's just the cat was curious about the dog. Those who write may understand better what I'm trying to say here. 

Since I've started writing different things: like random poems, texts, stories, I have been encouraged to do so. At first there were just friends, or random people who were polite. Anyway, I stopped showing off every new creation for some time, because let me tell you, it's boring to have a friend that shows you everything he writes. May be interesting, but you can't tell him every time how cool he is, first of all because he may become too full of himself when it's not the case, or may be disappointed if the rest of the world doesn't have the same reaction and let's face it: you have problems on your on. What matters is if writing makes you feel better. My first story was when I was in 4th grade and I discovered it years later and I was like: OMG I wrote a story of 20 pages in 4th grade! And I was so proud of myself. That story, still, no one knows about it. It was about aliens. I liked aliens in that grade. I'd say it's still a pretty good story, but that's the one that made me go on because I liked how I felt in that world. A world created by me, and this is going to be a little  selfish, but it was for me. Later, I learned to stop writing everything just for myself because I had a few fans, to put it this way.

There are many options you have... I've met people who never show off, and they have talent, but I understand them as they are as selfish as I was. I met people who don't have any talent and they still write. As long as one person likes it I guess it's ok to go on. If on this blog only one person would read, I'd still continue to post. I have another blog that's not popular at all, maybe because it was my first one, maybe I didn't know how to make it more popular, and for some I didn't wanted to. But, I have a few friends who told me: "Hey, why do you want to delete it? It's your work. You loved it for a while", and they were totally right. I couldn't just erase my work. It isn't great, but this how everyone begins with little words that some day will transform into a great story, or article. I'm not going to post a link to it, because it's in Romanian, and as long as people from all over the world are reading I see no point. Anyway, you'll say that if a "few friends" asked me not to delete it, then I still had a reason not to. I'm telling you only two persons are still reading it for sure. One is a friend and the other a total stranger. 

Everyone goes to different genres, and different styles. Don't panic if someone says it's not good. Ask them for a reason, because they may not like the genre. And if they give you a logical reason, maybe it's time you would look at your work and you'd ask yourself if it need an improvement. These days, I'm surprised by what things get published. But sometimes it all becomes for the public. When you're writing something for yourself you're free to do whatever you want, and sometimes these are the best art works. When you're writing for the public, you'll only please a certain number of people. What's important is if you are among those people. If you're not, I think you lost your way. As you may have seen I wrote about love more than about other things. Maybe some of you would've liked something else, but that's what I like, and you're free to choose what to read. 

If I had requests to write about something specific, in most cases I'd accept because I like challenges, and maybe I'd actually learn something. But if it's something I really don't like, I guess I'll pass because I won't be good enough and you wouldn't be satisfied by my work even if it's about the subject you wanted. When I feel like I have something to share I do it, but if I'm not pleased by what I wrote then I don't publish it, even if I haven't written anything for some time.

I like to think that writers understand the world best, and they know best what genres define them and if the words written are who they are or just a mask they like to wear to entertain. I don't want to be a journalist, so my goal will never be to spread gossip or to judge the lives of known personalities and I can't give you advice in that direction. Here it's a more complicated path, that once you choose it you need to be prepared for anything that you'll have to write and be objective about it.

P.S. I chose to post photos from Gossip Girl, because I find the TV series not only interesting, but it has a deep understanding of social life, friends, family, love. It's every normal day from the perspective of popularity, originality and it's like this interesting reality you would like to live in as any of the characters, because they all have something to teach you, or entertain you.

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