Saturday, June 16, 2012

TWWY: Career

I'm not a psychologist so I can give you advice. If I'd be one, you would be the one who'll talk and I will just listen. Therefore, it's your choice what you learn from here, if you learn, or if you disagree with me.

 Now let's return to The War With Yourself and let's talk about something pretty important: career.

situation "A": You don't know what you should do in your life. You have all these talents, but everything bores you fast, or you feel like you don't have any talents at all. In other words, you like many things but not enough to do one of them for a lifetime. There are tests you can take and find the right answer for you, and I recommend you should take one; even if it's just a game on the internet, because that's when you'll know the result.And the answer for you may be so wrong, you'll say that the path they tell you to choose has nothing to do with your life. And that's the moment when you'll realize what answer you were expecting. I took one of these tests, and they told me I'd be a great writer, yeah that's true, but I was so desperate in knowing if I'd be a great in working with computers. I liked both things very much, but I think the writing part will be just a hobby, or something extra, and my real career will have something to do with computers. Anyway, enough about me, in your heart you'll expect an answer. And no matter the result, you should do what you feel it's right for you.

situation "B": You don't want to do anything, you don't like anything. Well, this one is kind of complicated. One thing is when you have an option or more, but another is when you feel like you have none. In everyday life you like going to a certain place, doing something. Maybe you feel like you're just messing around, but could be an answer. For example, you like long walks: maybe you can become a touristic guide. Or maybe you like playing computer games: you can be a programmer, game designer, sound technician. There a thousand options to choose from, you just need to see them. And if you realize you don't like something, change it. As long as you're living it's never too late, no matter the age. In this situation you need to discover yourself.

situation "C": You're going on a single way because your parents told you so. If you don't like the path they already chose for you, change it. No matter the consequences, the worst thing is to be stuck your entire life with something you really don't like. It becomes too depressing in time. It's your life, your choices, your consequences, your results. Whatever your friends or parents don't like it's their problem. Maybe they have good intentions, but you don't like a career you shouldn't do it. First of all, you could be much better at something else, and secondly, it's so painful to go to work everyday and hate it. You'll fail not only in your career, but in your personal life too, because you'll be too stressed. Of course, there are cases when you begin to like something you hated, but if you're not sure you're one of them, better do something else. 

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