Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Voices in your head

They have some great ideas no matter if you choose or not to listen to the voices... It's not the first time you hear this and definitely not the last.

Sometimes they tell you to forget about consequences, to live for your dream, to do crazy things for your crush, to simply be happy or they tell you to kill yourself, to stand up to the worst expectations. 

No matter the massage, the voices always say interesting things. Sometimes they see right through the lies of all the people you believe in. Sometimes, they tend to be too melodramatic There are days when they scream  to get your attention and days when you smile for no reason to be sure the world didn't hear them. Sometimes they represent the truth in your heart, sometimes they lie even to you to protect you.

Some people say: "You can lie to everyone, but yourself." - well this is a lie too. You can lie to yourself. You are trying to make a more beautiful day by saying how good things work in your life, and for a few hours if you get lucky, you actually believe this. But, at night, when you're alone you wake up from the lies. No one needs to convince you for something, but if the voices say: "fight for your dream" you better do something now that you have help. The best part of all is that is coming from the inside and may keep you going on, but you need to have some faith in your voices.

As long as they're funny and they keep you interested in a subject (usually it's one that you want to avoid but that's life) you should do something, not just sit back and listen to the voices or complain about them. And I remember how they push me when I like someone: "come on, do something... say hi, say out loud his name, say a joke, come on" and I remember how hard I try to ignore them :)) and the more I ignored them the louder they would speak, so today I'm just accepting everything. Finally, they shut up for a while. I guess they don't have anything to say for now, but I'm not going to make a big fuss about this because they can start talking any minute...

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