Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Did you ever loved 2 people at the same time?

Maybe this idea is old, and kind of boring, for those who have a peaceful love life, but for those who don't, you'll be enchanted.

In my life I don't know if it happened to love 2 guys at the same time and at the same intensity (that's what we're talking about). But if I did that, I guess it would be horrible. I know for sure they would be different persons, they would be both funny and smart and would have something that attracts me.

An old saying (Johnny Depp) tells you that you should choose the second one, because if you truly loved the first one you wouldn't fall for the second guy/girl. But, we all know things aren't so simple. It's out of my reach to understand such a situation, but it's possible that you don't love any of them, and your heart is just messing around. I can't say choose that person, or the other one. In your heart I think you know if you're ready to choose one of them, if you can begin a sincere relationship, or if you want things to stay like this.

Love is a complicated phenomenon and it's hard to predict who's worth it or not. The only solution could be, if you really don't know who to choose, to take some stupid test about this situation of yours. You'll already know what answer you're expecting, so I guess that should be your choice. Here everything is unpredictable and that's the fun of it. Good luck, my friend, on whomever you choose ^_^

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