Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Turning point

If I were to tell you the truth, it would be a sad story. It would be the aspect of life when you have to wake up to reality. The moment when you realize how fragile can be destiny. How many people care and how many more don't. If I were to tell you how much it hurts that you can't turn back time and make a different decision then, and not now when it's too late. Someone said "better later, then never". And yeah, it's better, but where do we find so much power to start over again?

Where is the candle that never stops burning? Where is the image of the future you, the you that has won the battle? Let me answer this question. He's in the future. Yeah, may sound foolish, but you are living now. Actually you are avoiding living now. This moment is the one that you're missing. How can you move further if you're stuck on today? Today will become yesterday. And so many yesterdays that follow you that make you live either in the past, either in the future. Where is your present?

If we were to think about others' problems we'd say "how easy is to solve that", and may be right but that person doesn't see it as we don't see our solution in front of our eyes. There is the answer and it's in desperate need to be found.

You know what's the most impossible wish? To have never been born, this is the definition of the impossible. The rest are details. 

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