Saturday, July 21, 2012

After one liter of Coke xD


Hello, world. Finally I have some energy, actually I have so much that I could spend it with everyone. What I want to talk about are some little things we need to confront in life.

Let's begins with those who talk nonsense (I know I can write a whole novel about this subject, so I'll only be covering a little of it). For example, I was coming home today, and a neighbor was talking with my grandma. I knew it was better if I avoided them, but that's life. Well, my neighbor started talking about how careful I need to be in life, to learn, to find a husband, and from here begins the drama. He said that my grandma should find me a husband, a good one of course. God, I so hate this discussions. I said "good day" and I left. Normally, that's called rudeness. I call it "avoiding stupid conversations".

Today I discovered I had a song (which unfortunately I can't share because it's in Romanian) with these very interesting lyrics. It tells a story that's funny and unnecessary; very similar to one of mine. But you know that moment when destiny follows you, and when the ironic situations reappear when you least expect them. Although I don't believe in destiny: one makes his own road, sometimes things happen that trigger different emotions like: ironic laughter, sarcasm, pain, memories (worst ones), drama and of course the "I told you so" phrase (my favorite one, followed by some mad laughter).

The best moments in my life are the ones when I don't love. And right know, it's perfect. I can choose anyone I want to, I can search slowly for the right person without "the blind effect" (you know when you're in love). I'm so sorry for the ones who suffer for some guy/girl that doesn't deserve. Best advice is to move on. Live your life. Be selfish for a while.

Do you know how it's like when no one understands you? Well, they don't need to. It's enough if you understand yourself. I mean you know best why you did something and what for. You know your goal, where you want to get to. Yeah, it's hard, but that the price for being unique (but try not to fall into the superficial act).

These are all the truths I can share today. I hope so, at least. More would be... too much? I love Coke ^_^

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