Friday, July 13, 2012

A friend...


It's hard when you lose someone. It's even harder when that person it's closer than you ever imagined. I'm talking about friends here... That person with whom you got along so well, and now has changed. We all know how it feels for somebody not to be the same again.


This is my first sad post in a long time, but I guess all of you know how is it to know someone for a very long time and that person suddenly changes. Actually, not suddenly... it's just that you don't want to see it, you want to think the best of your friend. I guess everyone goes on their destiny... and some destinies aren't close. No matter the years, no matter the memories things end. You may be thinking about a past lover, but no, I'm talking about pure friendship, if some of you still know how that feels...


Somebody asked me "Why isn't life easy?" and I answered "So we would want to die from time to time". I guess that's the only reasonable idea why sad things happen. But I would not accept death, and in this case defeat. Losing a friend is hard, especially if you know that you can't change anything back.


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